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Bush starts his term
with focus on education, tax cuts

President Bush and his wife, Laura, join a group on a White House tour on the first day of the Bush administration  


January 22, 2001
Web posted at: 3:39 PM EST (2039 GMT)


Student News Archive

WASHINGTON -- President George W. Bush planned on using his first week in office to focus on reforming education and offering a significant tax cut to families.

Aides did not release specifics on Bush's designs for school systems, but the plan is expected to include the following: giving states more flexibility in spending federal dollars, testing students for reading and math skills more regularly and giving low-income families money to place their children in private schools.

Bush is expected to send his education legislation to Congress on Tuesday.

Changing the way the nation teaches children is a good start, politicos said, but one warned that Bush should not start his term with talks of $1.3 trillion tax cut. "You can't slam-dunk a tax-cut package the size they're talking about," said Leon Panetta, who served as former President Bill Clinton's chief of staff.

What will life be like for teens under President George W. Bush?

Bush inaugural address


Panetta said it might be best for Bush to spend his first 100 days trying to complete a limited, defined agenda.

"If he can get education reform accomplished," Panetta said, "if he could do something on campaign reform in a bipartisan way, then that could send a very important signal to the American people that he's going to try to get things done."

In the coming weeks, other issues facing the new president include finding peace in the Mideast and visiting Canada and Mexico in preparation for a summit of North and South American countries.

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