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Webcast basics

January 10, 2001
Web posted at: 12:14 PM EST (1714 GMT)

In this story:

CNNfyi webcasts

Leading the Nation: The Presidency

Technical troubleshooting

CNNfyi webcasts

What is a webcast?

A webcast is a live broadcast that is conducted over the Internet. It is performed through a process called video streaming, which means that the video is sent over the Internet as the event is taking place.

Can webcasts be viewed on my classroom television?

Because webcasts are conducted over the Internet, the only way you will be able to watch the Leading the Nation webcast on your television is if it is connected to your computer.

Are there any costs? Any advertising?

There are no costs and no banner advertising.

What is the difference between a moderated chat and an open chat room?

Our webcasts feature moderated guest chats with leading experts to take questions from the chat audience on the webcast topic. In a moderated chat room, a moderator screens and selects questions that are submitted by audience members before the guest answers them. Not all questions may be used. The chat room is never open to casual chatting among audience members as is seen in open chat rooms.

Are there any past webcasts I can review for an example?

Virus Encounters and Your Brain are content-rich instructional units that include archived webcast video and discussion transcripts. Those learning adventures have lessons, news stories, backgrounders, interactive activities, a glossary and a live webcast.

Does my school need to enroll or register?

There is no enrollment or registration necessary to participate.

Will experts answer every question they receive?

The experts will not be able to answer every question, but they will attempt to answer as many questions as possible.

Please send questions you'd like to see asked on Leading the Nation: The Presidency, a live webcast on January 18. E-mail us at:
To tell us what you think of the Leading the Nation: The Presidency lesson materials and the webcast, e-mail us at:

Leading the Nation: The Presidency

What is Leading the Nation: The Presidency?

Leading the Nation: The Presidency is a thematic unit examining the personal and political realities of the nation's highest office. The unit features lessons, news articles, backgrounders, interactive activities, worksheets, a glossary and a live webcast. The topics investigated in Leading the Nation: The Presidency include:

  • Transition of power
  • The presidency -- The many hats of the president
  • Presidents and their families
  • The presidency and the media.

The live webcast and moderated discussion event take place January 18. Click here for the event schedule.

Will the lessons on the Leading the Nation: The Presidency Web site be correlated to national standards?

Yes, each lesson offered includes objectives, time requirements, assessment suggestions and correlations to national standards.

Who may participate?

Although the webcast was designed with students in grades seven-12 in mind, anyone (parents and teachers) who wishes to participate may do so as much or as little as they wish.

How do I participate in the webcast?

Participation is easy:

1. Go to the webcast schedule page.
2. Click on the session you wish to attend.
3. Choose the option to view the webcast, participate in the moderated chat or both.

Will Leading the Nation: The Presidency be archived and accessible for future use?

Yes. The text and video will be archived and available about two weeks after the event.

Technical troubleshooting

What if the video doesn't play?


1. Make sure your computer is configured to play video. To determine this, check to see if any of the other video you have for your computer is working.
2. Make sure your computer has a recent version of Real Player or Windows Media Player installed and working in your browser.
3. Make sure you have an Internet connection capable of at least 28.8 k.

What if the chat application doesn't run?

It is possible that your computer network has a fire wall to keep its content secure. Check with your network administrator to see if there is a way to place your computer temporarily outside the fire wall or if there are existing provisions for allowing chat applets to be used.

Our school doesn't have high-speed Internet access. Will we still be able to participate? Will a low-speed (dial-up modem) affect the picture on our screen?

If you have a 28.8 connection or faster, your connection should not prevent you from participating in our webcasts. Because faster connections allow the sending of more frames per second, the faster the connection, the smoother the video will appear. Because audio takes less bandwidth, your audio should not be affected by the speed of your connection.

Our school has a fire wall and/or Web site filtering technology. Will we have problems participating in the live event?

Maybe, but they are not insurmountable. It just takes some advance preparation. To participate in the discussion portion, you will have to ask your network administrator to give you a connection outside the fire wall. If your school system uses filtering technology, you will have to add the site to your list of approved sites in advance of the webcast.

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