>Learning Adventure/ Out There: Missions to Space
bulletMake room for the space tourists

bulletSpace shuttles blaze path into future

bulletResearchers study 'weightlessness' effects in space

bulletStakes high for new Mars orbiter

bulletSpace resources and lesson plans from our educational partners

bulletNASA: Additional information for teachers and students

bulletPop quiz!

bulletView scenes from NASA'S mission STS-100 as it travels to the International Space Station

bulletHow can I participate? Click here for Web event basics

bulletStorm!: Extreme Weather

bulletChasing the Dream: Exploring Black History

bulletYour Brain: Get Inside the Teen Mind


Out There: Missions to Space


View highlights from the April 26 'Space' Web event

  • How do you become an astronaut?

    CNNfyi talks to Duane Ross, Head, Astronaut Selection Office, NASA.

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  • How do you relieve yourself in space?

    CNNfyi interviews Phillip R. West, Special Projects Manager and space suit engineer, NASA.

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  • What do you know about space? Take our pop quiz.
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