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The iReport Election Project is powered by CNN's Mobile Election Center app. Users take a quiz to determine their political identity and then describe their political philosophy. Every day, more people download the app and add their views to our data set. We've collected that information on this page, where you can take the political pulse of the app's users. How we did it | See all on iReport!

Political identities

3,545 participants*
Health care: 17%
Economy: 56%
Education: 13%
Terrorism: 1%
Immigration: 3%
Environment: 7%
War: 4%
Health care: 10%
Economy: 68%
Education: 8%
Terrorism: 2%
Immigration: 3%
Environment: 5%
War: 4%
Health care: 9%
Economy: 74%
Education: 3%
Terrorism: 4%
Immigration: 7%
Environment: 0%
War: 3%

* 23 percent of users chose not to share their political identity