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Twitter activity: Who's to blame for economy?

This is not a poll or a direct question to people on Twitter, but instead a map reflecting the climate or specific conversation in the Twitterverse on the economy. The data reflects activity the day before as well as on Election Day. The analysis of relevant tweets reveals four primary sources people blame for the bad economy: Democrats/President Obama, Republicans/former President George W. Bush, illegal immigrants, and big business/Wall Street. You can roll over each state for a breakdown of the categories, to the extent location information is available. And while we may know some location information for individual tweets, we do not know the political preferences of the people tweeting. Note: States in gray have too few geo-located tweets to analyze.

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The results are based on CNN and Crimson Hexagon's analysis of Twitter comments on the midterm elections. The analysis not only examines keywords, hashtags and Twitter handles but also statistical patterns of words to help identify key themes and threads of conversation.