CNN International Newsource is a dedicated service for broadcasters providing access to CNNís extensive worldwide content, resources and services. Affiliate partners have access to our 24 hour response team, satellite service and innovative digital-on-demand video distribution system

The CNN Broadcast Affiliation

Know that CNN's global newsgathering reach means no matter where or when news breaks, you can deliver the engaging live coverage your viewers seek.

  • Integrate quality CNN footage directly into your newscasts
  • A range of pre-produced stories for easy sponsorship
  • A dedicated 24/7 international affiliate response team
  • Access to CNN's international resources and expertise
  • Tailored training opportunities
  • Global exposure for your station to 2 billion CNN viewers
  • Book a worldwide CNN bureau to shoot your own interview of feed material back home

Access to CNN's Global Resources

Our reach is your reach, so wherever and whenever news breaks, CNN puts you there. Plenty of options make it easy to integrate live reporting into your newscast, you won't even have to spend on airfare. Gain access to:

  • Regional newsgathering hubs based in London, Hong Kong and Abu Dhabi
  • Over 45 bureaus internationally
  • CNN's award winning correspondents for live crosses
  • Ad-hoc assistance in the field whenever possible
  • A network of 900+ broadcasters worldwide to work alongside
  • An extensive archive library spanning 30+ years of historical footage
  • Fact-finding visits and one-to-one meetings with CNN executives and specialists in various areas of expertise

A 24/7 Response Team at Your Disposal

The International Newsource (INS) team is dedicated to helping international affiliates make the most of the extensive CNN content, resources and services available to them. They're just a phone call away.

  • Enquire about booking a live or pre-taped interview with our correspondents
  • Around-the-clock support via phone or email
  • Access to CNNís global infrastructure and resources
  • Facilitate live broadcasts and satellite feeds
  • Assistance with forward planning for major world events
  • E-mail alerts including media advisories, broadcast schedules and coverage highlights
  • Assist with over 100,000 hours of archive footage

CNN Showbiz Now

Beyond the glitz, glamour, rumors and gossip, entertainment news is NEWS - breaking around the world, all the time - and we're all over it. This is more than entertainment - it's entertainment news from the worldwide leader in news, and that means, exclusive interviews with celebrity newsmakers and complete coverage of all the big stories.

To become a CNN affiliate contact us at or call +1 404-878-1888

Follow us on Twitter @CNN_INS.

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