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Season 4 

  • Episode 8

    There's the real Jamaica, and then there's the tourist paradise where visitors soak up the sun with rum drinks in both hands. Both are vital, yet the two Jamaicas are worlds apart.
  • Episode 7

    Anthony Bourdain digs into his past in Massachusetts. Tony's first stop is Provincetown, where he worked in a kitchen for the very first time back in the early 1970s. It is also where Tony -- who is quite open about the heroin addiction he kicked decades ago -- was first introduced to drugs.
  • Episode 6

    Words matter. Especially in Iran, where what is permissible -- to say, to do, to be seen as saying or doing -- is an ever-changing thing.
  • Anthony Bourdain visits theSerengehti Plain in Tanzania on March 19, 2014.
    Episode 5

    Tony, his crew, some cameras and a very cool heli-drone move from the narrow streets of Zanzibar's Stone Town to the breathtaking, wide open spaces of mainland Tanzania.
  • Episode 4

    Anthony Bourdain returns to one of his favorite places on Earth -- Vietnam. This time he visits the former imperial capital of Hue, which sits just below what was once the demilitarized zone between North and South Vietnam.
  • Bourdain talks with DJ Kool Herc at Moodies Records.
    Episode 2

    From the Bronx's role in the birth of hip-hop to traditional Jamaican tonics to deep fried pig parts, Tony unearths the energy, vibe and rhythm of this frequently overlooked borough of New York City.
  • Anthony Bourdain's "Parts Unknown" in Shanghai
    Episode 1

    In spite of its nominally communist system, Shanghai is the most go-go, unfettered, money and status-mad, materialistic place on Earth. Its skyline alone is confirmation that money talks loudest.

    Season 5 in 2015

    Thank you for getting lost with Anthony Bourdain all season. We are currently filming Season 5, which begins in 2015.

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