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This Week 'Inside Politics' 

The 'Inside Politics' panel analyzes how growing tensions between potential 2016 presidential candidates have impacted their Senate stands.
2 hr
IP: A Bush/Rubio ticket?_00002107.jpg

Ed O'Keefe of the Washington Post says Florida Republicans are talking about the possibility of a Rubio/Bush ticket in 2016.
2 hr
IP: Warren for Leader?_00001416.jpg

Jackie Kucinich of The Daily Beast says progressives are hoping Sen. Elizabeth Warren will step into the shoes of outgoing Minority Leader Harry Reid.
2 hr
Inside Politics

Tomorrow's news today: a Florida "Dream Ticket," two nuggets about leadership questions in Congress and coming tests for Ted Cruz and John Kasich.
2 hr
  • John King is CNN's Chief National Correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics
  • This Sunday

    Cruz jump-starts the 2016 process; Will conservatives play a bigger role in picking the GOP nominee this time around? Hillary's "complicated" relationship with the press and new email server revelations. Harry Reid stepping down and its impact on the Senate.

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