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Jim Webb cites criminal justice reform in Hillary Clinton contrast

By Alexandra Jaffe, CNN
Former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb hinted at the contrast he'll draw with Hillary Clinton if he jumps in the race for president, highlighting his experience and willingness to tackle tough issues in response to repeated questions on her candidacy.

A Sanders announcement 'within days'?

By John King, CNN Chief National Correspondent
A new entry and a waiting game on the Democratic side, a go-slow approach from a leading Republican, and the big stakes of 2016 filled our Sunday morning trip around the "Inside Politics" table.
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Here comes Bernie

CNN's Nia-Malika Henderson discusses the possibilities of a Bernie Sanders presidential run, and what it could mean for Hillary Clinton.

The "Inside Politics" forecast

The 'Inside Politics' panel shares insights on 2016: potential presidential candidates, what's at stake, and the GOP's strategy.


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