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Did someone say Mitt Romney?

Ashley Parker of The New York Times empty's her notebook about what Mitt Romney may be up to during this 2016 presidential race.
Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks in Mobile, Alabama, on Friday, August 21. Trump brought 30,000 supporters from deep red Alabama to a pep rally in a football stadium, the latest sign that the Republican front-runner has broad, nationwide strength.

Trump: Let's vote now

Molly Ball, Ed O'Keefe, Ashley Parker, Steve Inskeep and John King talk about Donald Trump's rally in Alabama, and more on the "anchor baby" debate.


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    John King is CNN's Chief National Correspondent and anchor of Inside Politics
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    Trump's Iowa state fair debut--can he do retail? can a guy named Bush win an Iraq argument with Clinton? and the Hawkeye state's appeal to outsiders. Hillary's summer strategy; Democrats' plan B: Biden; and the reason behind Berniementum.

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