Frozen in time: Abandoned wrecks from around the world

Updated 3rd September 2017
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Frozen in time: Abandoned wrecks from around the world
Written by Harriet Verney, CNN
A car upturned and standing on its nose, subjected to the harsh weather of the Nevada desert. A Canadian schooner that sank in 1885 and rests, preserved to this day, in a harbor in Lake Huron. A space shuttle left forgotten in its hanger.
There's something particularly haunting about an abandoned vehicle -- where was it going? What stopped it? What happened to the people who built it, rode in it, or hoped to be its passengers?
In his new book, "Abandoned Wrecks," Chris McNab captures vessels of all kinds in their final resting places, from the RMS Titanic lying 12,500 feet beneath the sea to aircraft frozen in time in Antarctica.
We see a rusting, abandoned railway filled with disused trains in Bolivia, WWII-era cars in the depths of a Swedish forest, and vehicles covered in graffiti, left on the side of the road in Brooklyn.
Featuring images from a variety of photographers, the book presents us with more than 100 eerie scenes of accidental time capsules. The pictures provoke reflection on nature, design, the changing tastes of society, and the effects of war and natural disasters.
"Abandoned Wrecks" by Chris McNab is published by Amber Books Ltd and is available now.