Dubai's hottest fashion bloggers share their style secrets

Updated 24th November 2015
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Natalia Shustova blast
Dubai's hottest fashion bloggers share their style secrets
Written by Phoebe Parke, CNN
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How do you look effortlessly cool in up to 100F heat?
These six style bloggers manage to do just that every day in Dubai as they juggle writing, photography and running around the city looking fabulous.
With a combined social following of over 300,000, these women know a thing or two about looking good. We asked them for their top street styling tips and what they really think about how people dress in Dubai.

Natalia Shustova

Personal style: Classy and unpredictable.
Blogs about: Dubai fashion shows, outfit of the day photo sets and shopping guides at
Most likely to be found: Snapchatting from the front row of a fashion show.
Dubai style is... "Luxury. We are loyal to big names and love our heels too much (we wear them everywhere). In Dubai we have the biggest collections of sunglasses as we need them 365 days a year, and you can see Birkin bags everywhere in exotic colors and exclusive materials."

Teresa Karpinksa

Personal style: Scandinavian minimalism meets Arabian opulence.
Blogs about: Her personal style, luxury holidays and seasonal trends at
Most likely to be found: Sipping Sangria poolside.
Dubai style is... "Bursting with visuals and different styles from one nationality to another.
"A high percentage of the stylish crowd also has a significantly different disposable income which means the trends tend to navigate around pieces and brands that aren't commonly seen in the rest of the world.
"We also need to dress to respect the culture and around the challenging climate conditions."

Kat Lebrasse

Personal style: Practical and a touch audacious.
Blogs about: How to look good on a budget, personal style and travel at
Most likely to be found: Taking selfies with her immaculately styled daughter Poppy.
Dubai style is... "Quite showy. The city is very much about luxury and labels, however times are changing and we are embracing emerging designers and brave styles more and more."

LuAnne D'Souza

Personal style: Bohemian and edgy.
Blogs about: Plus size fashion, beauty and self-acceptance at
Most likely to be found: Trying out a new make up look she found on YouTube.
Dubai style is... "More conservative and brand focused. Style in Dubai seems to be more of a reflection of how wealthy you are rather than personal expression."

Wafaa Abo El Ela

Personal style: Chic and simple.
Blogs about: Personal style, travel tips and beauty reviews at
Most likely to be found: On a plane flying to her next photo shoot destination.
Dubai style is... "Is on trend and moving forward, but although Dubai is a cosmopolitan city, people are still afraid to take fashion risks."

Olga Lobanova

Personal style: Casual and eclectic.
Blogs about: Street style, fashion shows and seasonal trends at
Most likely to be found: Snapping pictures of Dubai's best-dressed men and women.
Dubai style is... "A wild mix of nationalities, traditions, and for this reason also styles. You can meet a fancy girl wearing sophisticated luxury brands near a women in traditional Indian Sari.
"Here in Dubai we are used to everything. The tendency is to dress glamorous and trendy, and show off with expensive labels. I wish people here would add more personality to their style and experiment more."