How the London Design Festival 2016 will transform the city

Updated 19th September 2016
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How the London Design Festival 2016 will transform the city
Written by Luke Edward Hall, CNN
This weekend marked the start of the London Design Festival, the annual celebration of the British capital's creative clout, when the global design glitterati congregate to fête all things, well, design.
From product launches and new furniture releases to innovative exhibitions and installations, the festival's stylish offerings are spread all around the city, often transforming entire neighborhoods (or at the very least a few shop fronts) into an aesthetes paradise.
To get the lowdown on where to go and what to see, CNN Style asked artist, interior designer and illustrator-of-the-moment Luke Edward Hall to round up ten of his must-see LDF events, installations and launches -- in illustrated form, of course.
Known for his whimsical sketches and color-rich watercolors -- as well as for his refined yet eclectic interior design sensibilities -- Hall has worked with the likes of Burberry (on their Autumn-Winter 2016 campaign) and the Parker Palm Springs Hotel in California, for whom he illustrated a series of guest guides and menus.
Up next for the 27-year-old is the Young Hearts exhibition at Christie's South Kensington showroom. The display, curated by Hall, combines works by contemporary artists under 40 with pieces from Christie's upcoming design sales, and runs from September 24-29 to coincide with LDF.
"The London Design Festival covers dozens of locations and includes hundreds of shows and events, so it's an exciting time to be in the city," says Hall. "It's great to come away inspired after seeing everything from new design products and installations to architecture and interiors."
Check out the gallery above for Luke Edward Hall's illustrations from the London Design Festival.
The London Design Festival runs until September 25, 2016.