Risqué portraits and Hollywood secrets from photographer Marc Hom

Updated 30th June 2017
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Risqué portraits and Hollywood secrets from photographer Marc Hom
Written by Allyssia Alleyne, CNN
"The camera is such an incredible weapon. It's like a gun pointed right at your face," says photographer Marc Hom.
For the last 25 years, his targets have been some of the biggest names in arts and culture, from actresses and athletes to models and monarchs. Just don't call them celebrities.
"I hate 'celebrity,'" he says. "The word is so negative and loaded. I prefer 'personalities of the world.'"
His most recent book, "Profiles" (teNeues), is dedicated to those personalities who have left a lasting mark on his career, and made the leap from sitter to friend and collaborator, including Anne Hathaway, Alicia Vikander and David Beckham.
His ability to establish and nurture these intimate relationships is what Hom believes brings his photos to life. His subjects feel comfortable enough to follow his vision and throw themselves fully into the process.
"You can't take a great photograph if people don't trust you. If you don't have the common respect for each other, it's like knocking your head on a wall."
Here he shares a few of his fondest stories from behind the lens.

Sienna Miller's dedication

"I really like the picture of Sienna Miller in the car because it has this very cinematic feeling, and is still quite sensual because of the breasts and the color tone," he says.
"She's one of those people who just gave it all she had really. I don't know if I should repeat this, but as she was sitting in the car, she said 'Hold on, one second!' She lifted up the shirt and touched her nipples to get them erect, and was like 'Okay, I'm ready now!' I thought that was quite funny. It's definitely stuck in my mind!"

Quentin Tarantino's fearlessness

"I tell you, I loved him. He was incredible. It's so great when you meet people who are so into what they're doing, and when they commit, they're really there 200%, and he was really one of those guys. Nichole Galicia, who was also in (Tarantino's film) 'Django Unchained' was there and she was pretty much completely naked running around him, so that was the inspiration.
He was exceptional. He didn't have any fear whatsoever, he didn't care. It was highly sexual, but such a great moment between the two of them."

Anne Hathaway's friendship

Anne Hathaway, New York City, 2010
Anne Hathaway, New York City, 2010 Credit: Photo © 2016 Marc Hom. All rights reserved
"With actors, a lot of time it's a much more fragile situation because they are there, but they don't really have to be there. Sometimes they're there to promote something, but on certain occasions, yes, you end up working with an actor just because you love what the other is doing.
I met Anne Hathaway really early on in her career -- I've photographed her three or four times -- and she's gone on to do what she's doing, and I've gone on to do what I'm doing. As time goes on, you end up working with some of the same people over and over again, and then you grow with people. That's why I chose her to write the foreword of the book for me."

Johnny Depp and Tim Burton's collaborations

"Tim Burton and Johnny Depp met each other early, and (in a photograph) it's all about their relationship. They keep working together -- everybody knows!"