Morbid and macabre: Dark obsessions of the world's most extreme collectors
Updated 13th April 2017
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Morbid and macabre: Dark obsessions of the world's most extreme collectors
Whether it's comics and sneakers, or books and art, collecting is largely seen as a normal, if occasionally obsessive, pastime.
But what can be said about those who collect all things macabre -- fetus skeletons, taxidermy mutant farm animals and say, the personal effects of jailed serial killers?
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"Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and Bizarre" gives a closer look at these more unconventional collections and the people behind them.
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Rather than writing them off as eccentric provocateurs or disturbed misfits, writer Paul Gambino gives insights into their motivations and personalities.
Courtesy Dan Howell & Steve Prue
There's the tattoo artist inspired by his travels to old European cities, the pathologist's assistant with almost a million Instagram followers, and the skeptical lapsed Catholic on a quest for a Rattenkönig, and many more.
What unites them in Gambino's eyes is a passion for history.
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"They're urban archeologists, historians, and, ultimately, scholarly curators of their ever-growing and evolving personal collections," Gambino writes in the book's introduction. "Be lucky enough to garner an invitation to view one of these collections and ask a question of origin on any particular piece -- then get ready to be educated and entertained."
Look through the gallery above for a closer look inside some of these bizarre personal collections.
"Morbid Curiosities: Collections of the Uncommon and Bizarre" by Paul Gambino, published by Laurence King, is out now.
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