Style Guide: Indulgent luxury that won't cost the earth, and could help save it

Updated 16th February 2016
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Style Guide: Indulgent luxury that won't cost the earth, and could help save it
Too often "sustainable luxury" smacks of compromise. Parisian luxury design agency 1.618 has taken this as a challenge.
1.618 is an international network of high-end consumers and professionals that share information and ideas about how beauty and sustainability can inform one another. They believe the luxury market can drive innovation, and, through this, real change.
Founded in 2009 by design connoisseur Barbara Coignet, the network hosts the world's first sustainable luxury showcase in Paris each May and publishes the 1.618 Guide to brands that produce luxury goods ethically.
A committee of eight independent experts scrutinize each item that 1.618 spotlights to ensure the product, and the business behind it, adhere to the strictest standards of sustainability. Sparkling jewelry, designer fashion, and indulgent vacations are among the offerings on show.
We asked Coignet to pick a selection of some of the most striking and unexpected eco-friendly luxuries that she represents:
"Choosing 13 brands from the 150 we have selected from 2009 was a real headache!" says Coignet. "They are all incredible, very beautiful and fit our values. So we created a game with my team and each of us had to choose two or three products they would love to have for themselves."
1.618 refers to the"Golden Ratio" that appears across nature and art and was used by the likes of Le Corbusier and Dalí in their work for seemingly more aesthetically pleasing results.
CNN met Barbara Coignet to explore her selection of 13 incredible luxury products -- from perfume to powerboats -- that don't cost the earth. Scroll through the gallery above for the full list.