World's 20 best hotel restaurants in 2014

CNN StaffPublished 7th November 2014
(CNN) — It's a familiar refrain among jet-lagged travelers, usually accompanied by a despondent shrug.
"Well, I guess we could just grab a quick bite at the hotel."
Hotel restaurants have long had a reputation for offering over-priced, unremarkable meals, frequented only by guests too tired or unadventurous to brave the streets of a new city in search of anything better.
But over the past few years, a wave of incredible new restaurants has come onto the scene to change the way we view hotel dining.
For proof, look no further than American food and drink website The Daily Meal's third annual list of the 101 Best Hotel Restaurants Around the World.
"In recent years, hotel restaurants have stepped up their game so much so that they have become coveted dining spots for locals and travelers alike, who are often either waiting in line or booking reservations months in advance just to be able to pull up a chair at the hottest restaurant in town — which happens to be in a hotel," says the site.
To curate the list, The Daily Meal staff considered winners and nominees from the 2013 list of best hotel restaurants, consulted the Michelin Guide and other sources for further recommendations and drew hotel restaurants from its annual lists of the 101 Best Restaurants in Asia, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Then they grouped the selections by continent and invited a panel of experienced bloggers, restaurant critics and other food and lifestyle writers from around the world to vote for their favorites in an online survey.
According to the rules, the hotel has to have at least 15 rooms and restaurants must be under the same roof as the hotel as well as the same proprietorship.
Below are the top 20 to make The Daily Meal's list.
For the full list of the 101 Best Hotels Around the World check out The Daily Meal website.
12. Al Mahara at Burj Al Arab (Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
13. La Marocain at La Mamounia (Marrakech, Morocco)
15. Caprice Four Seasons Hotel Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
20. Square One at Park Hyatt Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam)
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