Plane colors: Graffiti duo let rip on Brazil football team's 737

By CNN Travel staff Updated 30th May 2014
Add yet another reason to consider Brazilians the world's coolest nationality.
They take their national soccer team's plane for the World Cup and turn it into a work of brilliant graffiti art.
Identical twins and breakdancers-turned-graffiti artist duo Os Gemeos used 1,200 cans of spray paint to emblazon their signature colorful style over a Boeing 737.
Known for the yellow-skinned characters they've said are influenced by their dreams, Octavio and Gustavo Pandolfo are among Brazil's most popular contemporary artists.
Brazilian low-cost carrier GOL commissioned the plane, which will fly the Brazilian national soccer team around the country during the FIFA World Cup starting June 12.
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Although they didn't have the World Cup in mind when they first envisioned the project, the idea to paint the plane came from the artists themselves, said the twins in an interview with artnet.
The design theme the twins were tasked with were "Brazilianness, democracy and diversity."
The plane will be part of the GOL fleet for an additional two years after the World Cup.
More photos and a video of the twins at work on the plane can be seen on GOL's blog.