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How gourmet food trucks took over the world

CNN Staff Published 9th May 2016
(CNN) — Have we finally reached peak food truck?
Maybe in the U.S., which has apparently just had its meals-on-wheels crown stolen by Belgium.
The third Brussels Food Truck Festival, held May 6 to 8, 2016, saw close to 140 food trucks feed about 150,000 hungry visitors.
That's been claimed as a record for the most gourmet wagons in one place at one time.
Of course, it could just be a sign of the planet's insatiable appetite for the culinary craze made cool in Los Angeles.
"It isn't just great food, it's a great social experience," Matt Geller, of the Southern California Mobile Food Vendors Association, told CNN at the event in the Belgian capital.
Geller says he's delighted wherever the food truck juggernaut rides into town.
"We're just excited. It really kind of spawned from Los Angeles and it came sweeping through the United States.
"Now we're seeing it's everywhere. We couldn't be happier."