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It’s the closest Britain’s Queen Elizabeth comes to renting out on Airbnb.

Every summer, Her Majesty throws open the doors of Buckingham Palace, her official London residence, to paying visitors while she takes a vacation in Scotland.

About 400,000 people are expected to tramp up the palace’s balustraded staircases and opulent state rooms during its July 25 to September 27 opening.

They don’t get to stay the night, of course, but they do get a fascinating look around one of the world’s most recognizable landmarks.

And for a few dollars (well, pounds) more they can sample royal tea and cakes.

This year, for the first time since the palace opened to the public in 1993, visitors get to enter the palace’s state rooms through the “Grand Entrance” used by heads of state and prime ministers invited by the Queen.

There’s also a display detailing what goes on behind the scenes to create the pomp for official state visits, including dresses worn, menu ingredients and the porcelain guests get to chow off.

Before the doors opened this year, CNN had a sneak preview. Watch the above video to get a glimpse inside one of the world’s most famous working palaces.