In 24 Hours

Milan's top restaurants, according to DSquared2

Published 11th April 2016
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Editor's Note — On the latest episode of "In 24 Hours," James Williams visits Milan. Catch the series online here.
(CNN) — Twin brothers Dean and Dan Caten, the design team behind Italian luxury fashion house DSquared2, have dressed everyone from Beyonce and Madonna to Justin Timberlake.
CNN's "In 24 Hours" caught up with them at their Milan rooftop bar, Ceresio 7, to find out their favorite dining spots in Italy's fashion capital.
Da Giacomo
"We like to go to the traditional restaurants that have been here over 20 years. Da Giacomo is an amazing fish restaurant we go to often," says Dan.
A Santa Lucia
It's an "old trattoria with pictures of all the old movie stars," says Dean of A Santa Lucia, which opened in 1929. "Frank Sinatra used to go there."
Al Materel
Family-run restaurant Al Materel gets the thumbs up from Dan. "The momma in the kitchen cooking all day: So lovely."