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Michelin launches 2017 Hong Kong and Macau guide

Elaine Yu, CNNPublished 14th November 2016
Hong Kong (CNN) — Good news for fans of local Hong Kong cuisine.
The 2017 Michelin Guide for Hong Kong and Macau is out and more than a third of the Hong Kong restaurants granted Michelin stars are Cantonese.
These include Lung King Heen and T'ang Court, which retained their three stars -- a pre-eminent and exclusive category that no new restaurants managed to break into this year.
Three-star restaurant Bo Innovation has menus that reimagine the city's classics with dishes like "Fishing Village" and "xiao long bao" -- a classic Shanghainese steamed dumpling in molecular form, made with a spherified coat and a smooth, full-bodied broth filling.
Meanwhile dim sum and Cantonese joints like Tim Ho Wan and Lei Garden, populating the one-star category, ensure Hong Kong continues to offer some of the most affordable Michelin dining experiences in the world.
A meal at Tim Ho Wan can easily cost less than $12. The humble Michelin mainstay has three branches -- all of which have one-star status.

Contemporary and global

Several high-end European restaurants have found Hong Kong to be fertile ground for innovation, with the city attracting young foreign chefs who want to cater to cosmopolitan tastes.
Names familiar to the city's gastronomes such as Amber and Caprice are already famed for infusing global flavors into their top-rated French fare.
VEA, a newbie in the 2017 Michelin guide, serves sea cucumber stuffed with langoustine and longan fruit as a palate cleanser, among other exquisitely presented and flavored courses.
Japanese-French restaurant Ta Vie also showcases local and regional ingredients, reflecting the diversity that thrives in Hong Kong's culinary scene.
"I want to offer dinner experiences that [customers] can have only in Hong Kong, and in my restaurant," chef and co-owner Hideaki Sato tells CNN.
Below is a list of several highlights from the 2017 Hong Kong Macau Michelin guide, which has a total of 80 restaurants -- 61 in Hong Kong and 19 in Macau.
There are 53 venues with one star, 19 two-star establishments and eight three-star restaurants.
To see the full list of Michelin-star restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau, check out the guide's website.

Three-star restaurants (Hong Kong)

Bo Innovation (Innovative)
L'Atelier de Joël Robuchon (French contemporary)
Lung King Heen (Cantonese)
Sushi Shikon (Japanese)
T'ang Court (Cantonese)

Newcomers (Hong Kong)

Kashiwaya (Japanese)
Ta Vie (Japanese-French)
Beefbar (Steakhouse)
Épure (French)
IM Teppanyaki & Wine (Japanese Teppanyaki)
Spring Moon (Cantonese)
Sushi Tokami (Japanese)
Yat Tung Heen (Cantonese)
VEA (Innovative)

Three-star restaurants (Macau)

Robuchon au Dôme (French contemporary)
The Eight (Chinese)

Newcomers (Macau)

Feng Wei Ju (Hunanese and Sichuan)
Mizumi (Japanese)
Lai Heen (Cantonese)
Pearl Dragon (Cantonese)
Ying (Cantonese)