Could there possibly be any scarier way to watch ‘Jaws’?

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It may have been 40 years since Steven Spielberg released “Jaws,” but for many of us the haunting two-note intro to its terrifyingly familiar theme song continues to reverberate in our brains every time we go in the water.

Doesn’t matter how many articles are written to remind us that “Jaws” got it all wrong – great white sharks aren’t vicious murderers out to hunt us all down.

Doesn’t matter how many shark-based horror films are released with far more gore and way more realistic looking sharks.

When it comes to leaving an audience in excruciating suspense, “Jaws” will forever be the master.

Which is why we can’t think of a more terrifying way to watch the famed mechanical shark wage psychological warfare on the residents of Amity Island than what Austin, Texas’s famed Alamo Drafthouse has planned for this weekend: while floating in inner tubes over murky waters.

If you forgot what terror was like…it’s back

The Alamo Drafthouse, famous for its strict “no texting” policy during films, first hosted an outdoor floating “Jaws” screening in 2002.

This year, in honor of the film’s 40th anniversary, organizers decided to bring the concept back as part of the Drafthouse’s ongoing “Rolling Roadshow” series.

The second of two outdoor screenings will take place on Saturday, July 11, on a man-made lake at the Texas Ski Ranch, located between Austin and San Antonio.

Judging by the photos of the first event, held on June 27, it looks like a frighteningly awesome time. (See above gallery.)

The lake has a decent-sized stretch of beach with lounge chairs for those who aren’t comfortable thinking about what could be coming out of those waters beneath them.

Organizers say the $30 ticket price includes an inner tube but guests are more than welcome to bring their own preferred floating devices.

There will be plenty of food and drinks for sale on site, as well as satellite bars selling beer.

Perfect for those who want to sing along as the shark hunters bust into a boozy rendition of “Show Me the Way to Go Home” before that buzzkill of a great white crashes the party.

Jaws on the Water, Texas Ski Ranch. 6700 N Ih 35, New Braunfels, Texas; Saturday, July 11, 2015