Hotel offers $2,000-a-night ‘space station’ experience

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Always dreamed of going to space but never felt cut out for grueling astronaut training?

Soon it’ll be possible to (almost) indulge this fantasy without leaving Earth.

A hotel in Zurich, Switzerland, has just unveiled a new suite kitted out to look like the inside of a space station.

Grand Kameha’s Space Suite comes equipped with a “zero gravity” bed – built to look like it’s floating above the ground – and steam bath designed to simulate a view into the universe.

With Ridley Scott’s “The Martian” hitting cinemas this month, It could be an ideal escape for someone inspired to seek interstellar isolation.

Spacebound artist

The suite was designed by German artist Michael Najjar, who for the last three years has been training for a civilian journey to space on board Virgin Galactic, and often uses it as inspiration for his work.

However, those who simply seek a restful place to lay their head at the end of the day might want to stay away.

“The intention was not at all to create a comfortable bedroom,” says Najjar.

“It’s more about creating an immersive environment which makes the hotel guest feel like living on a space station.”

Direct link to NASA TV

The "zero gravity" bed is designed to appear as if it is floating.

The artist was allowed to let his imagination run riot when designing the room, with the only caveat being that it had to have a bed and a toilet.

It features a two-screen video installation visualizing space debris in Earth’s orbit, spotlights inspired by rocket engines, and a shelf shaped like a space glove to hold phones or key cards.
The room also has a library of books, audiobooks and films related to space travel, with an automated female voice inspired by John Carpenter’s science fiction film “Dark Star” welcoming the guests.

“They will forget that they are staying in a hotel room – they will feel like being on board a space station,” says Najjar.

While in most hotels guests can take a pick of rolling news channels, the Space Suite gets a live stream from the International Space Station and a direct link to NASA TV.

$2,000 price tag

“Space is the final frontier for humankind,” says Najjar. ”Current developments in space travel and exploration will have a huge impact on our life on earth in the future. One day we will see hotels floating in space. What we did here is a space station floating in a hotel.”

With a price tag of nearly $2,000 a night and an unorthodox concept, who is the Space Suite designed to appeal to?

“A guest who is art loving, a collector, a visitor of Art Basel or someone who would like to have an overall art experience,” says Carsten K. Rath, CEO of Kameha.

Patrons will also get to spend an hour in an Airbus A320 flight simulator and try body flying, a training technique used by skydivers which sees them suspended in a vertical wind tunnel.

And if they’re curious to meet the man behind the design, they’ll be given an opportunity to visit Michael Najjar’s Berlin studio and see him there.

Kameha Grand Zurich offers the galaxy getaway two-night package from 1845 CHF ($1,890) per night. This includes bed and breakfast accommodation in the space suite, space amenities on arrival, 1.5 hours body flying /1 hour flight simulation in an A320, a signed book of Michael Najjar’s work, a designer art gift, and an invitation to meet Najjar in his Berlin studio.