Top places to propose (according to YouTube postings)

Barry Neild, CNNUpdated 4th March 2015
(CNN) — If they remade "Casablanca" today, chances are its epic emotional climax would feature a slightly less poetic farewell between bar owner Rick Blaine and his old flame Ilsa. Urging the woman he loves onto a plane to escape to freedom, Humphrey Bogart's character would utter the heartfelt words: "We'll always have Disney World Florida."
OK, so it doesn't have the same ring as Paris, but apparently Mickey Mouse's Sunshine State outpost is where modern couples are more likely to have shared their most romantic moment.
Online ticket retailer reached this dispiriting conclusion after scouring YouTube for every wedding proposal video uploaded since 2005. Of more than 200,000 tallied, Disney World Florida claimed 59,700.

Proven passion killer

Gallingly for France's city of love, its most famous landmark doesn't even make it into the top five proposal spots.
The Eiffel Tower languishes seventh, behind a slew of New York locations, Universal Studios Florida and -- most galling of all -- Disneyland Paris.
Paris performed marginally better in the top 10 list of cities for marriage proposals, placing a modest fourth behind New York, Los Angeles and London.
Still, the uploading of YouTube videos isn't exactly a scientific measure of romantic inspiration and in some cases, Internet oversharing has been a proven passion killer.
"Don't play it again Sam," as Rick never said in "Casablanca."

Top 10 global proposal sites

1. Disney World (Florida) (59,700 uploads)
2. Times Square (New York) (45,500)
3. Central Park (New York) (33,600)
4. Top of the Rock (New York) (32,700)
5. Disneyland Paris (Paris) (8,480)
6. Universal Studios Florida (Florida) (5,650)
7. Eiffel Tower (Paris) (5,420)
8. Grand Canyon (Arizona) (4,470)
9. The London Eye (London) (4,080)
10. The Empire State Building (New York) (3,470)

Top 10 cities to propose in

1. New York City (113,000)
2. London (112,00)
3. Los Angeles (94,500)
4. Paris (85,800)
5. Las Vegas (62,000)
6. Florida (53,200)
7. San Francisco (40,600)
8. Orlando (29,400)
9. Barcelona (15,600)
10. Rome (11,100)