Ninjas wanted: Japan recruits six secret spies

Elaine LyUpdated 19th March 2016
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(CNN) — Got what it takes to be a ninja assassin?
The Japanese prefecture of Aichi is looking for six fit young ninjas to join its team.
Opportunities for sleek, fast masters of espionage don't come along every day -- but this position offers a year-long contract and 180,000 Japanese Yen ($1,585) a month.
Unusually for this notoriously secretive band of warriors, Aichi is looking for talkative ninjas who enjoy performing on stage.
The recruitment campaign is in fact part of a tourism push for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.
Local governor Hideaki Omura has appeared online in full ninja costume as part of the bid.
We haven't heard if the hiring process involves mortal combat or just looking really, really good in black.
But Aichi prefecture wants to hear from anyone aged between 18 and 30 and available to start training this April.