Tourist's photos show everyday scenes in Pyongyang, North Korea

CNN StaffUpdated 16th March 2016
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(CNN) — One of the biggest complaints among tourists visiting North Korea is their inability to get out and explore.
Tourism is highly restricted, so booking a guided tour with one of the dozen or so companies endorsed by the state-run Korea International Travel Company is the only way in -- even for those flying solo.
Outside the hotel, a guide accompanies visitors at all times and every tour is carefully choreographed.
There are strict guidelines in place dictating what tourists can and cannot do in North Korea -- and that includes photography.
London-based tourist and amateur photographer, Michal Huniewicz, discovered just that while on a recent visit to the reclusive country.
Though many of his photos were acceptable, he admits others were taken against the wishes of his minders.

'Nothing controversial'

The photographs show different sides of Pyongyang, the North Korean capital, and pose a stark contrast to the tightly controlled image the government attempts to project both within and outside the border.
"All of the pictures I took are North Korea seen through my eyes," Huniewicz tells CNN.
On smuggling -- and publishing -- the photos, Huniewicz says he's "a little bit concerned" on whether that might mean trouble for the government minders.
"I don't really know whether they're [under] any real threat, because there's nothing highly controversial in those pictures," he adds.
Click on the below gallery below to see some of his North Korea snapshots.