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Around the world in 8 days: Richard Quest does it on low-cost airlines

Updated 22nd March 2017
Editor's Note — This story was originally published in March 2016.
(CNN) — Ten airlines, nine countries, eight days, one journey. Those are the vital statistics that cover the round-the-world trip Richard Quest undertook this month.
Oh, one more twist: He did it all on low-cost carriers. The final airfare tab: $2,345. Click on the interactive above for details about each leg of the flight.
Low-cost carriers -- or budget airlines -- generally offer cheaper fares and cut business costs by offering fewer amenities than traditional airlines.
‎"These airlines have democratized flying, and are now the backbone of short-haul travel in Europe, Asia and America," says Quest, who was recently appointed CNNMoney's Editor at Large.
The simple answer is low-cost carriers offer lower fares for less luxury.
Spiced-up perks, more benefits and long-haul routes are changing what has long been a largely utilitarian field, Quest adds.
The budget marathon began and ended in London, with Quest making his first stops in Belgium and the Czech Republic before going east to the United Arab Emirates.
From there, he made a leap across the Indian Ocean to Sri Lanka, then on to Malaysia, Singapore and Australia. Flying over the Pacific Ocean, he reached Hawaii before heading to Los Angeles and then New York. The final leg took him back to London.

Adventure finished on March 20

Quest and his team reported on and CNN International throughout the trip while documenting its finer (and any not-so finer) moments on social media.
The globe-trotting adventure will be showcased in a special edition of CNN Business Traveller, first airing on CNN International on April 14 at 0930 BST/1030 CET. This border-crossing expedition follows strict rules.
Want to make it official? Here are the rules on round the world trips, according to Guinness World Records
"The trip has to start and end in the same place, we can only travel in one direction and we can't backtrack between continents," explains Quest.
"We're only using low-cost carriers and we're not allowed to take premium-class tickets -- it's economy all the way.
"We want to show just how far you can go in low cost, and see which airlines are offering the best service for those on business and on a budget."
All packed into a week's schedule, the trip began on March 12 at London's Gatwick Airport, and ended back in London on March 20. Follow Quest's adventure on and on Twitter via @richardquest #FlywithQuest