Best way to see Hong Kong this summer? From a 1,000-foot-long slide

Maggie Hiufu Wong, CNNUpdated 8th July 2015
Hong Kong (CNN) — Childhood memories have a habit of supersizing everything, making it seem like things have shrunk when we re-encounter them as adults.
However the opposite is about to happen in Hong Kong, where a humungous water slide bigger than anything you've likely experienced as a child is due to arrive in August.
"You've grown and the slide has too," says Amy Gessel, spokeswoman for global urban water chute phenomenon Slide the City.
"Remember your first slide? We did too and decided to make it huge -- three city blocks."
The Utah-based company has already brought oversized water slides -- some as long as 1,777 feet (542 meters) -- to over a dozen other cities.

First harbor-side waterslide

In Hong Kong, a three-lane, 1,000-foot-long slide will be installed at the city's infamous old Kai Tak Airport -- now the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal -- for three days.
The company says it encourages local partners to pick a location where participants can appreciate the city's scenery.
In Hong Kong, Slide the City visitors will get to enjoy Kai Tak's signature harbor view.
"Usually, cities elsewhere pick parks, grasslands and footbridges as event venues," says Cherry Lee, spokesperson for Slide the City's local partner.
"Because of the high density of Hong Kong, it isn't easy to find a suitable venue like that.
"After taking safety, pedestrian flow as well as the view of Hong Kong into consideration, we think Kai Tak Cruise Terminal is a suitable venue since participants can enjoy Hong Kong's famous view of the Victoria Harbor and it's the first slide in Asia that offers a night view."

Born from fond childhood memories

Founders T.R. Gourley, John Malfatto and David Wulf started Slide the City in 2013, inspired by their own childhood memories.
"My favorite slide was my first," says Gourley. "I had just walked to the top of the slide and saw my dad getting ready to jump on his tube. Once he jumped on his tube, I hopped on his back and we slid the whole way down laughing like we were little kids."
Since opening its first slide in Salt Lake City -- the company founders' hometown -- Slide the City has set up temporary water chutes in destinations around the world.

How to slide like a pro

To ensure a smooth slide along the waterway, the Hong Kong team visited previous events in Japan and the United States to calculate the best slide gradient.
"The slide will be built on a platform so the participants will enjoy the excitement of the ride," says Lee.
"Get a good run before you jump on the slide with your inner tube," advises Gessel.
Inflatable tubes are required for a smooth and safe ride.
And, for once, selfie-sticks are also encouraged.
"Just don't drop it when you're speeding down the slide," adds Gessel.
Slide the City Hong Kong, August 22-24, Kai Tak Cruise Terminal Baggage Hall and Outdoor Apron Area, tickets from HK$150 (single slider ticket) to HK$420 (night slider and unlimited day slider tickets)