Finding a seatmate through Facebook

By the CNN Wire StaffUpdated 16th December 2011
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Worry no more about who may be sitting next to you in seat 23A.
KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is planning a service where passengers can use Facebook and LinkedIn as an aid when booking a flight.
"We say it will be social seating," KLM spokeswoman Gedi Schrijver said Wednesday.
Details are scant, but the idea is for travelers to look at people with similar interests and then book a seat. But don't worry if you don't want anyone snooping on your profile.
"Both passengers have to use this tool before they make an appointment," according to Schrijver.
The service could be ideal for business purposes and networking. But Schrijver said it is not intended as a dating tool. We'll see.
Launch of the service is expected in early 2012. There's no word on whether participants will be charged a fee.
KLM is not the first to link seating and social media.
In February, Malaysia Airlines launched MHbuddy, in which users can check in via Facebook and select their seats. During seat selection, they are able to view the seats of friends on the same flight.
For travelers in need of a memory jog, the service informs them of Facebook pals who live at their destination. They can also learn which friends may be headed to the same locale.
In August, Ticketmaster unveiled interactive maps integrated with Facebook.
"Fans can instantly share their live event plans by tagging themselves into their seats, enabling people on Facebook to see where they are sitting and which seats are available for purchase," the company said.