15 cool gifts for travelers

CNN staffUpdated 2nd January 2015
(CNN) — Jingle those bells, the holiday season is near.
Too near, for anyone who still hasn't managed to find something for that special traveler in their life.
Forget the usual cliched gifts like journals, luggage tags and Panama hats.
We've got a selection of cool gifts for every type of traveler.
Already purchased this year's batch of presents?
There's always a birthday to buy for in 2015.
Or something for yourself.
GoPro Hero4 Silver
The new Hero4 Silver is the first of the popular photography brand to offer a built-in touch display and HiLight Tag, which enables you to mark key moments for convenient playback and editing.
That means whether you're diving, skiing, surfing or strolling through a quaint town, all those travel memories can be captured in high-definition and shared within minutes thanks to its built-in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.
From $399.99, more info at GoPro
Hornet mini-stove
Admittedly there aren't many situations where kit needs to be streamlined so keenly that a camping stove that folds down to the size of a lipstick is desirable.
And, if anyone does find themselves huddled on the side of a mountain waiting for their tiny burner to warm up a vacuum pack of gelatinous gloop, it's maybe time to rethink their vacation plans.
That said, the tiny, lightweight (44 grams) Hornet is such a cool concept, it's worth slipping into the tiniest backpack just in case an emergency casserole is needed.
The Hornet FMS-300T Mini-Stove starts from about $44 and is available online at Fire-maple.com.
Gilchrist & Soames London Traveller kit
Some lucky travelers already get to enjoy Gilchrist and Soames' London collection in their hotel rooms.
The rest of us are grateful the toiletry collection is available online.
The Gilchrist & Soames London Traveller kit includes essentials like shampoo, conditioner, body lotion and lip balm, all in a felt travel tote.
Air passengers can deploy these to envelop themselves in a haze of red tea, soy and grape seed that will cunningly conceal the fact they've been in transit for 24 hours.
From $28, available online at Gilchrist & Soames.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Duometre Unique Travel Time watch
We don't just love this watch for its shiny, pretty face.
The pink-gold Travel Time watch from Jaeger-LeCoultre shows a traveler's home time, set by turning the crown counterclockwise, and destination time zone, set by turning clockwise.
The globe at the six o'clock position displays time zones and a day/night indicator. And in case there's any doubt over whether it's EST or CST, major time zones are shown on the back of the watch.
From $39,000, more info online at Jaeger-LeCoultre
Daines and Hathaway Triple Bar Set
For anyone stuck in the desert or facing an unexpected hotel bar drought, the convenience of the Daines and Hathaway is a selling point.
Fill two of the flasks with gin, one with vermouth to create a to-go martini wrapped up in a neat leather case.
Because camel trekking in the Sahara shouldn't stop anyone from enjoying a drink.
From $299, available for purchase at Pittards
"Travel: The Guide" by Doug Lansky
From "best of" guides to every Palookaville on the planet to navel-gazing meditations on the inner journey some find on the backpacker circuit, travel books come in all types.
But we've never seen one quite like Doug Lansky's new "Travel: The Guide," which punctures travel pretensions and myths with lots of big pictures, surprising graphics and humorous observations.
No wonder Peter Moore -- author of "Vroom with a View," one of our 15 funniest travel books ever -- blurbed it as "seriously brilliant!"
Published by Look Books ($4.99 ebook, $60 hardcover coffee table edition), available at Amazon.com
Beer and Beans Speakeasy Scarf
This is no ordinary flap of cloth.
Beer and Beans Speakeasy Scarf has a secret pocket in the folds of the fabric to hide travel documents.
Besides keeping them hugged close, the scarf makes it easy to whip out passports at the gate.
Because no one wants to be the fumbling passenger holding up the line.
From $52, available at Speakeasytravelsupply.com
Merrell All Out Blaze shoes
We've always loved putting on anything made by Michigan-based outdoor shoemaker Merrell.
Which is why we know adventurous travelers will be psyched to dirty up the new All Out Blaze line of lightweight hiking shoes designed to stabilize movement and absorb impact while you "blaze new trails."
Get it?
OK, it's a corny pitch line, but shoes like this are meant to be worn out not talked about.
Men's All Out Blaze ($130), women's All Out Blaze Aero Sport ($110). More info at Merrell.com
La Mer's Sculpting Collection
Nobody wants to lug their entire skincare collection on vacation, yet holidays are when our hides tend to take the worst beatings.
For those who've been exposed to too much sun, chlorine, salt water or dry airplane air, there's the La Mer Sculpting collection, which includes three signature power-treatments for skin: The Treatment Lotion, The Eye Concentrate, The Lifting Contour Serum and Creme de la Mer.
Those not familiar with the brand, owned by Estee Lauder, will become believers after one dose of the Creme de la Mer. Instant results.
$440, available at Cremedelamer.com
Bike-powered Siva Cycle Atom battery charger
Cycling and cell phones go together like Lance Armstrong and denial, so its a pity that GPS navigation and fitness apps aimed at riders suck down battery power so rapidly.
The solution has finally arrived in the form of the bike-powered Siva Cycle Atom battery charger.
Crowd-funded via Kickstarter and due out just after Christmas, the tiny device attaches to the rear wheel, where it converts revolutions into enough juice to amp up any USB-charged gizmo.
There's even a detachable battery so riders can carry away some power in their pocket after the cycling's done.
The Atom, $129, available at Sivacycle.com
Instagrammed-up cell phones have cast a long shadow over the old school wait-and-see funky photography of Lomo cameras.
The new Lomo'Instant, Lomo's first instant camera, redresses this by shortening the wait for film to be developed without compromising the camera's artsy vibe.
Lomo'Instant Sanermo camera comes with three lenses -- fisheye, portrait and closeup.
Like other Lomo cameras, the instant edition allows settings like multiple exposure and color filters and has the largest aperture setting (f/8) among all available instant cameras on the market.
From $169, available online at Shop.lomography.com
Burberry's customized poncho
Sarah Jessica Parker has one. So does Cara Delevingne.
Which means couture-obsessed travelers would probably also love Burberry's new color-block wool and cashmere reversible blanket poncho.
The sizable poncho is a stylish inflight snuggie as well as a functional off-flight fashion item.
Initials can be added when ordering.
From $1,395, available at Burberry.com
Handpresso Outdoor Hybrid set
Eight times out of 10, the complimentary coffee given in hotel rooms isn't going to cut it.
Then there's those middle-of-nowhere camping trips that see travelers willing to wrestle a crocodile if it'll get them a fresh cup of espresso to start the day.
This is where the Handpresso comes in -- a small, portable manual espresso machine that uses ground coffee or E.S.E. espresso pods.
The Outdoor Hybrid set comes with four unbreakable cups, an insulated flask to keep water hot and a small reusable napkin.
Available online from $220 at Handpresso.com
An unruffled suit is an elusive holy grail for business travelers.
There are various unproven mathematical formulas and old CEO tales for stuffing a suit in a bag and having it arrive at the other end in boardroom-imposing condition.
A new piece of luggage, cleverly called "SuitPack," has taken a proven (we've tried it several times) creative approach to the problem. Several devices, including shoulder pads, are used for folding the suit.
While packing a suit in the suitpack does take a bit of time and requires step-by-step instructions for the first few goes, the time saved at the other end by not having to press or steam it in the shower makes it worth the learning curve.
It's light, sturdy, looks decent and can fit enough extras to accommodate all other clothing needs for a short one-bag-only business trip. It can also get on the plane as carry-on.
At $149, there's a chance it could be sneaked onto the company expense account.
Free delivery is currently being offered to the U.S., UK, Australia, Singapore, India, Hong Kong and several other countries.
To order and for more details: suit-pack.com
Jo Totes Georgia Nautical camera bag
A camera that's getting knocked around and filthy isn't going to take great travel photos.
The Jo Totes Georgia Nautical camera keeps equipment safe -- it's stylish, too.
With blue and white stripes and a brown faux leather exterior, protective foam is sewn into all four sides and the bottom of the satchel.
It has adjustable interior pads and plenty of extra pockets, so it can be used as a stylish everyday bag or carryall weekender.
From $109, available online at Jo Totes
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