How to avoid baggage fees: Wear your luggage

By Karla Cripps, CNNPublished 20th September 2013
It takes a certain amount of panache to carry off the Jaktogo. But hey, think of the savings.
With the exception of toilet paper, low-cost airlines have managed to tack a fee on pretty much every formerly complimentary amenity.
Checked luggage, of course, was among the first to earn a price tag.
U.S. airlines such as Spirit and Frontier are already charging passengers extra for carry-ons. Word has it other airlines will soon follow suit.
Airlines sugarcoat these bitter pills with explanations that sound pretty good.
"Spirit Airlines empowers customers to save money on air travel by offering ultra low base fares with a range of optional services, allowing customers the freedom to choose only the extras they value," says Spirit Airlines.
But c'mon -- who doesn't value a bag?
If someone is going by plane, presumably they're going away for at least a night.
And presumably they're going to want to put on a new pair of clothes.
A fresh pair of underwear, at the very least.
Jaktogos come in a variety of styles and materials, including denim.
Jaktogos come in a variety of styles and materials, including denim.
To the rescue of those of us sick of paying baggage fees comes Jaktogo, a company with an innovative way to pull one over on "the man" -- wearable luggage.
"Only fools pay for extra luggage," reads the company's tagline. "Clever people have a Jaktogo."
What is a Jaktogo, you ask?
It's a bag that unfolds into a jacket that's covered in various-sized pockets, allowing travelers to pack everything into their coats. Even their laptop.
Adios, luggage fees.
There are a few other "luggage jackets" on the market -- Stuffa Jacket, Rufus Roo, etc -- but Jaktogo appears to be the leader in capacity. The makers say it's also a handy way to carry things when you've run out of suitcase space.
The wearable bags come in a variety of styles and materials like leather and denim. There's a dress version. A poncho, too. Prices range from $90-319.
Bear in mind, you're going to have to sacrifice style in the name of savings.
The Jaktogo isn't sexy.
And we can't imagine they're comfortable.
But hey, you already gave up everything else for that cheap flight. Might as well chuck your dignity into the low-cost turbines too.
Would you slap on a Jaktogo if it meant avoiding luggage fees? Share your thoughts below.