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Oktoberfest report: Lost dentures and hefty hangovers

CNN StaffUpdated 6th October 2015
There's only one way to find out if of Germany beer purity laws mean smaller hangovers.
(CNN) — In a flurry of upended steins, Munich's two-week Oktoberfest drew to a lightly sozzled close over the weekend in Germany.
As hangovers subside, we've pulled together a few interesting stats from the 182nd edition of the original -- and still the best -- excuse for drinking beer while wearing a pair of embroidered leather shorts.
Our best fact-gathering efforts mainly involved checking the excellent official Oktoberfest website, where the litany of abandoned objects, including false teeth and toilet brushes, makes sobering reading.
The following infographic may also include some stuff we found scribbled on the back of slightly damp beer mat -- we're still trying to piece things together.