Should you book a wedding videographer?

The two biggest things that a bride and groom will take from their wedding are the photos and the wedding video. Many times the Atlanta Wedding Videographer is the last vendor that is booked, or in many cases not booked at all; however, it is one of the two biggest keep sake. Wedding videos offer something that photography can't: audio of the vows, officiant, band, toast and usually draw more emotion. Imagine if your favorite movie was only released with pictures...well your wedding is telling a love story and will be one of the most important days of your life and should be documented as a motion picture.

What is a cinematic wedding trailer video?

As mentioned above, your wedding day its telling a story and many of your family and friends won't be able to attend. Creating a cinematic highlight trailer will let your friends and family share the special day with you. A cinematic wedding is different than a traditional wedding video because the film tells a story. The wedding video will use short clips because it is telling a story.

Creating a classic wedding video that reflects the wedding couple and stands the test of time involves not just what gets filmed but how it gets filmed. A stationary video camera on a tripod is just not going to yield the same results as a cinematic approach. Neither will an amateur videographer. The use of a more high end production equipment is also used. A camera slider, dolly, jib, glide cam, drone are some of the equipment that is actually used to make movies that would be used for filming your special wedding day. The addition of scored cinematic music will defiantly have your family and friends eating popcorn. After watching be prepared to hear... "I can't believe that is a wedding 'video.' It looks more like a movie." Who wouldn't want to star in their own movie?