Taiwan arms sale:

Several senior Bush administration officials and congressional sources tell CNN that Taiwan will be offered the right to purchase:

• Four 1970s vintage Kidd class destroyers equipped with upgraded radar systems. A senior White House official said the Kidds, available for delivery as early as 2003, would represent a "significant upgrade" to Taiwan's Navy and air defense systems.

• Eight diesel-powered submarines - once Taiwan had the capability to house and operate them. Since the United States no longer makes diesel submarines, Taiwan could choose for the United States to arrange for the purchase through a friendly third country, most likely a European ally, the administration officials said.

• Up to 12 P-3 Orion subhunting surveillance planes.

• The Palladin self-propelled artillery system.

• MH-53E minesweeping helicopters.

• AAV7A1 amphibious assault vehicles.

• MK-48 Mod-4 torpedoes, but not the most advanced version.

• Submarine-launched and surface-launched Harpoon missiles.

• The administration also will give Taiwan a technical briefing on the PAC-3 antimissile defense system under development for the Pentagon; it is an advanced version of current antimissile software. If, after the briefing, Taiwan made a purchase request, the administration would consider whether to approve the sale, a senior official said.