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Powell ceremoniously sworn in as secretary of state

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Colin Powell was ceremoniously sworn-in as secretary of state Friday at the White House, with his wife, President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney standing by his side.

The former commander of the Joint Chiefs of Staff was officially sworn in last week but Bush held the ceremony to emphasize the importance of Powell in defining America's new foreign policy.

"He is a leader who understands America must work closely with our friends in times of calm if we want to be able to call on them in times of crisis, " Bush said. "He understands our nation is at it's best when we project our strength and purpose with humility. He understands that if we do not set our own agenda it will be set by others, by adversaries abroad or by the crisis of the day.

"I know of no better person to be the face and voice of American diplomacy than Colin Powell. His dignity and integrity will add to the strength and authority of America around the world," Bush said.

Powell is sworn in, then President Bush and Powell give statements

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Powell thanked Bush for the appointment and promised to do his "very best to carry your message of freedom around the world, to commit the men and women of the State Department to that message so that we can show by our value system, by what we believe in, what the world can be for all those who are suffering, who are still suffering from totalitarian regimes." Powell said he will be a team player and not try to upstage Bush, who has little international policy experience.

"I look forward to playing my part, Mr. President, as you structure the foreign policy of the American people and take that foreign policy to the world -- a world that I think is on a new road to democracy and to freedom," said Powell.

After giving their short speeches, Bush and Powell left without answering any questions from reporters.


Friday, January 26, 2001



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