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Indiana beats Bond in heroes poll

Harrison Ford
Harrison Ford's Indiana Jones put Connery's Bond and Bogart's Blaine in the shade  

LONDON, England -- Whip-cracking Indiana Jones has beaten suave secret agent James Bond to be named the top movie hero of all time.

Actor Harrison Ford, who has had three outings as the archaeologist, found another of his characters, Han Solo from Star Wars, made it into the Top 10 of the survey, by Britain's Total Film magazine.

"Cinema thrives on spectacle and drama, so you need big characters to fill the big screen," said the magazine's editor Matt Mueller.

"Indiana Jones won by a massive margin, not just because Harrison Ford is as handsome as they come but because he's a boys' own hero for a generation who like their idols to be a smart as well as sexy."

Which of these would you choose as your top film hero?

Indiana Jones
James Bond
Maximus (Gladiator)
Ellen Ripley (Alien)
Rick Blaine (Casablanca)
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In the Indiana Jones movies, Ford's character held down a sober academic job while tracking down treasures in a series of edge-of-the-seat adventures.

Another Star Wars character -- Darth Vader -- had the dubious honour of being named the greatest screen villain.

Rick Blaine -- Humphrey Bogart's cool, detached bar owner and Mr Fixit in Casablanca -- is the hero from the oldest film in the Top 10, dating back nearly 60 years. Maximus, Russell Crowe's character from Gladiator, is the most recent to hit the screen.

Rick Blaine
Bogart's Rick Blaine managed only tenth  

Ripley, Sigourney Weaver's battling character from the four Alien movies, is the highest-ranked woman in the poll, figuring at number five.

Top ten heroes: 1. Indiana Jones. 2. James Bond. 3. Maximus (Gladiator). 4. John McClane (Die Hard). 5. Ellen Ripley (Alien). 6. Han Solo (Star Wars). 7. Thomas "Neo" Anderson (The Matrix). 8. William Wallace (Braveheart). 9. Leon (Leon) 10. Rick Blaine (Casablanca).

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