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McCartney to release WTC single

LONDON, England (CNN) -- Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney says he will release a new song worldwide to raise money for families of rescuers who died in the World Trade Center attacks.

All proceeds from the sales of his new single, "From a Lover to a Friend," to be released on October 29, would go to New York's fire and police departments whose bravery has won the salute and applause of the world, McCartney said.

Hundreds of men from the city's fire service are still missing, believed to be buried beneath the rubble of what was once the twin tower complex of the World Trade Center.

McCartney was in the city and on an airliner waiting to leave when the tragedy unfolded on September 11.

In a statement released on Wednesday he said: "I witnessed the last moments of the World Trade Center twin towers. Out of the window of the plane I could see the towers smoking and in flames and, like everybody, I could not believe what was happening.

"As the airport was then closed, I stayed in New York for a week after the attack and I was able to also witness the tremendous heroism that has come out of the city, including the bravery of the firefighters and police officers. "I have great admiration for the courage all of those guys showed. I feel a connection with the firemen because my father was a volunteer fireman in Liverpool during World War Two."

McCartney is the latest in a long line of rock stars who have donated their time and talent to help the families of victims of the attacks on New York and Washington, which left more than 6,000 people dead.

He is due to join forces with fellow music legends Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, The Who and Bon Jovi at the "Concert for the Americas" to be held in New York's Madison Square Garden on October 20, to raise money for attack victims and families.

"We're doing this big concert in New York to stand up for democracy, to honour the rescue workers and to benefit the victims of the attacks, and I hope that the sales of this new single will help to raise more funds.

"America is one of the greatest democracies on Earth, containing people from all races and religions and this attack on September 11 was a threat to that freedom. This is why we all need to stand up and be counted -- that's why I'll be standing on stage at Madison Square Gardens with a bunch of mates in a show of solidarity."


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