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Laura Bush: Schools should confront tragedy

(CNN) - First lady Laura Bush told Oprah Winfrey that schools should be addressing last week’s terrorist attack, and that parents should help however they can.

“Teachers are in a very hard position,” she told Winfrey. “They suffer the same emotions we are (suffering) … and are taking care of our children.”

All schools should be dealing with the tragedy because leveling with children can help them understand what happened, she said.

“I think that’s what children want to hear from their teachers -- reassurance,” Bush said.

Reassurance is an adult need, too, said the first lady, who recalled that she heard about the attacks on her way to the Senate to discuss early childhood education. After talking with her husband and her daughters, she called her mother.

The call, said the first lady, was as much for herself -- to hear her mother’s voice -- as it was for her mother, she said.

Both she and the president are drawing strength from the American people, said the first lady, who admitted to moments of anxiety -- “I feel like anyone does” -- but said she took heart in the expertise of her husband’s administration.

“I know that everything’s being done to keep America safe,” she said.

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