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Preview: 'Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance'


Platform: PlayStation 2


D&D on the PS2

(IDG) -- Interplay is creating a new chapter in "Baldur's Gate," the highly acclaimed PC RPG series -- this time, for the PS2 -- including 3rd Edition "Dungeons & Dragons" rules as well as the "Forgotten Realms" setting.

But "Dark Alliance" is no PC port -- it will be a completely new, epic adventure based on the "Realms"' world, and every element of the game is being created from the ground up for the PS2. While this venture may seem like a big risk, our preview of "Dark Alliance" reveals that Interplay is on the right track. INFOCENTER
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The Next Generation of RPGs

"Dark Alliance"'s incredible graphics are its first and most noticeable aspect. Smooth, realistic details throughout the world will include complex shadows from torches, smooth rippling water effects, polygonal leaves on trees, and an almost limitless variation in textures (thanks to some very complex technology). Not only that, all characters -- including NPCs and monsters -- will have amazing details, and a variety of clothing and weapons options. Each character will speak to you with lip-synched dialogue as well. With these added features, "Dark Alliance" won't need prerendered cinemas -- its story will be told through in-game cut scenes.

Missing Sister, Brewing War

The epic story of "Dark Alliance" will occur as the land of Baldur's Gate and the entire Sword Coast are on the brink of war -- but more importantly to you, your sister has been kidnapped. These two stories will intertwine as you (and a friend, thanks to a multiplayer option) search for your sister through 30 levels of monsters, puzzles, and much more. So far, "Dark Alliance" has made a very memorable first impression, indeed. As the PlayStation 2 RPG lineup heats up, this game may be difficult to top.

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