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Review: 'Rumble Racing'

Platform: PlayStation 2


(IDG) -- "NASCAR Rumble" on the PlayStation was a woefully under-appreciated game -- the arcade gameplay rocked, but its jacked-up, lighthearted take on stock car racing never really found its audience. "Rumble Racing" loses the NASCAR license, adds the power of the PS2, and floors the formula all the way to hot-rod heaven. Thirty-five wild cars get a workout on 15 tracks, including some stunt circuits that offer the perfect arena for barrel rolls, backflips, and corkscrew twists. Excellent A.I, sharp graphics, and addictive gameplay combine for an unabashed good time. Sim freaks need not apply -- "Rumble Racing" is pure, unapologetic arcade goodness. INFOCENTER
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Graphics: 4.5. Richly detailed tracks and cool-looking fantasy cars give "Rumble Racing" the gaming equivalent of a flame paint job -- flashy, clean, and fun. The smoke and fire effects kick butt, too.

Sound: 4.5. High-octane music, from country to rock, keeps the audio revving. Jess Harnell's off-the-beaten-path commentary will either thrill you or annoy you -- there's no in-between. At least it's different.

Controls: 5.0. Power-ups are easy to launch; combining rear-fire weapons with rear view works surprisingly well. Analog steering is there for technicians, but drivers who prefer to tap around corners with the directional pad will be happy, too.

Fun Factor: 5.0. No NASCAR? No problem! Rumble Racing works better as a hot-rod game anyway, and the best gameplay bits of the first title are well represented in the second. This is arcade racing at its finest.

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