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Neighbor shocked by Hanssen arrest

VIENNA, Virginia (CNN) -- Nancy Cullen, a neighbor of Robert Hanssen, said the arrest of Hanssen was "shocking" for their quiet northern Virginia community.

"Robert Hanssen is a very attractive, well-composed person who isn't overly gregarious, but he would mix right in with everybody. We never had any reason to believe that he was anything but a dedicated, hard-working guy," said Cullen, who lives down the street from the Hanssens.

Cullen said Hanssen appeared to work normal working hours, going and coming in the way most of her neighbors did. She said he did not talk about his work.

Cullen described Hanssen, his wife Bonnie, and their six children as a normal family.

She called Bonnie Hanssen as "the perfect mother. They go to church every Sunday, if that means anything. They load all six kids in the car ... now a lot of them are off at college. Every Sunday, there they go, the Hanssens in their van.

"They are the best of neighbors, and Bonnie is just an unparalleled kind of mother and wonderful person."

Cullen said the Hanssens did not live above their means. She said their van "was 10 or 12 years old. I said, 'Bonnie, get yourself a new van.'"

Cullen said she was not aware of any financial or personal problems. She said the Hanssens had lived in the neighborhood for at least 10 years.

Law enforcement sources say Hansen's wife had no knowledge of his alleged espionage for Russia.

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