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Six with explosives arrested in Canada before summit

An arsenal of smoke bombs, gas masks, shields and baseball bats recovered before the Summit of the Americas  

QUEBEC CITY, Canada (CNN) -- Six people who authorities say planned to disrupt an international conference with smoke bombs, grenades and other "frightening equipment" have been arrested.

The six are all in their 20s, officials said at a news briefing Wednesday. Two people were arrested Tuesday night on a highway leading into Quebec. The other four were arrested Wednesday in the Montreal area.

A seventh person was being sought. The arrests were the product of a lengthy investigation, authorities said.

The Summit of the Americas conference starts Friday. President Bush is scheduled to attend along with leaders from 33 countries.

Authorities displayed some of the equipment seized, including gas masks, bulletproof vests, shields, chains, hammers, helmets and explosives.

One official said the equipment could have caused serious injury.

"They were certainly intentioned on attacking the security that was in place for the summit. ... From all indications, they were a very well structured group," the official said at the news briefing.

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