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Tell us what's on your mind

Tell us what's on your mind

This is the section for you to air your thoughts about anything in the sailing world -- from the America's Cup to the row over design secrets.

In the news, the Volvo Ocean Race yachts are battling on leg five while Amer One skipper Grant Dalton says this will be his last Volvo. Meanwhile Orange steps up its round-the-world record attempt and a legal row continues over the 1998 Sydney-Hobart tragedy.

These are just some of the latest comments.

Dennis Conner's bid for the America`s Cup doesn`t impress me much. The only really dangerous American helmsman is brilliant Larry Ellison with America One. Knowing Jochen Schuemann on Alinghi and the Italian team at Luna Rossa I am aware that the United States` teams might not ammount to much as in recent years. Frankly, Europeans are not afraid of the American Challengers. Britta Angelica Moeser, Germany

Ode to a ship 

I think you should be including articles on the wider selection of yachting topics, besides just sailing. Motor yachts, builders, their crew, and whole host of topics would be well received by your viewers. Larry Ebbs, USA

I am not current on the loss of the four sailors during a Sydney-Hobart race, but it sounds like a lawyer is involved -- which is the antithesis of why folks go to sea. It seems to me there are at least two things to consider here. 1) localised meterology is a infant science; 2) in a climatic changing era, as we are experiencing now, all previous data is irrelevant. Personally, I'd rather finish last, but make it for the party! Safe competent sailing to all. Steve Young, USA

I have been following the recent story of Greenpeace ramming the French AC yacht and their subsequent denials of wrongdoing. I find it amazing that an organisation that has always campaigned against misinformation and corporate bias by the media should turn to those tactics the minute they are in the wrong. Own up Greenpeace, you are a bunch of hypocrites. At least admit that it was a deliberate act against a sporting team that happen to be sponsored by a corporation you don't like. Watch out sportsmen and women worldwide. If you are supported by a company that Greenpeace does not like, you may be in danger. Elliott Brown, USA

Greenpeace are terrorists because they act violently and in your face to make their ideas heard, good ideas, bad methods. What is Areva? They pollute in 27 countries with nuclear waste, they develop nuclear weapons, and they tell you they are your friendly neighbour. Martin, USA

If this lawsuit is successful, the impact on meteorology and/or yachting will be enormous. If the decision to race rule no longer protects a race sponsor the cost of insurance for local clubs will become impractical. This could be the death of small boat racing or the beginning of a legal paperwork laden entry process. You may see rout-planning meteorologists charging so much that only the wealthiest of sailors could afford their services. Bryan, USA

There is nothing wrong with swaping teams, long live team swaping! La Bastille

I know as a match racer there is the chance that I might not make it to the end of the day (not that I'm counting on it). If one is not willing to live or die with that in mind then one should not race. A law suit seems out of context but we cannot prevent people from bringing them. I can't judge their intentions or purposes, but they shouldn't win. Javier

These Volvo 60 rules are ridiculous when it comes to crew comfort. The rules should require proper accomodations for all - and no one would then have an advantage. There should also be a limit of two sails on deck at any time. Sails should be required to be stowed in their own compartment, not in the crew quarters. These changes would result in better designs- - more likely to filter down to future cruising designs -- and these changes would produce an enjoyable event for the sailors with little change in performance. Robert Baker, Canada

I was really pleased with Kersauson's decision to turn Geronimo back. While I'm sure it was a difficult decision for him, he took the safety of his crew into account and made the right decision. It sets a good example in a world where winning at all costs is so highly valued. Melissa McGuire, USA

RE: "The widows of four sailors who died in the 1998 Sydney-to-Hobart yacht race are suing the event's organisers and the weather bureau for negligence." Yacht racing is an inherently dangerous sport. It's sad that people die in pursuit of a sport, but people have perished at sea for millennia. Try as we might, human beings cannot control these greater natural forces. This law suit is ridiculous. Bill Rosemurgy, USA


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