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Farrakhan statement urging release of reporter


(CNN) -- Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Chicago-based Nation of Islam, appealed Friday for the release of kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl.

Farrakhan's statement:

"I wish to offer my sincere prayers and best wishes to my Muslim brothers and their families. May Allah grant you mercy and right guidance in this hour of great trial.

"I urge the immediate release and safe return of Mr. Daniel Pearl. His release may serve the greater good and promote meaningful dialogue with the American people and government. Muslims are known for their compassion and mercy for the human family.

E-mail claims U.S. reporter in Pakistan killed 

"Allah revealed the Koran to the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) to serve as a guide in ever aspect of human endeavor. Allah teaches and instructs us in the handling of prisoners of war. Allah instructs and teaches us in the handling and treatment of non-combatants.

"Mr. Daniel Pearl, a journalist, is not a combatant and should be released. Our religion Islam is under trial. The world is watching. To execute or murder this man will increase hatred for Islam and damage the reputation of Muslims throughout the world.

"I must also urge the American government to grant prisoner of war status to those captured during a declared war. Once again, I employ America to re-examine her foreign policy toward Africa, the Middle East and other vulnerable nations.

"The United States is the only remaining superpower by Allah's permission. America must do more to reassure the family of nations of her determination to promote justice and fair play. The nations of the earth will follow America's leadership in establishing a century of security, prosperity and peace for all."




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