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Crews seek remains at Ground Zero building

NEW YORK (CNN) -- The Deutsche Bank building at Ground Zero -- across from where the World Trade Center's south tower once stood -- will finally be searched for remains.

The city came to an agreement with Deutsche Bank Friday evening to allow the firefighters to remove and examine remains from the 40-story building, Office of Emergency Management (OEM) spokesman Sid Dinsay said.

The Deutsche Bank building is the last of the structures damaged by the attacks to be excavated. Cleanup efforts focused on the immediate area surrounding Ground Zero first, Fire Department spokesman Joseph Cestari said.

The tower, at 130 Liberty Street, was completed in 1974. It has been covered with a black, mesh shroud since shortly after debris from the collapsing south tower cut a 24-story gash in its facade.

Officials believe that World Trade Center debris and human remains could have landed in the building.

Two weeks ago, city officials marked the end of the cleanup at the site of the twin towers. Since then, recovery efforts have spread to two nearby buildings and searchers have found the remains of a dozen people.

Nearly 3,000 people were killed in the September 11 attacks; about 1,100 remains have been identified. Only 289 intact bodies have been recovered.

The cleanup, which was to start Saturday, will continue around the clock, Dinsay said.

Cestari said three firefighters will be on site at the building and will work in coordination with police, OEM, and subcontractors.

The job is expected to be completed in three weeks.


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