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U.S. base attacked in Afghanistan

An A-10 'tank buster' at Bagram Air Base
An A-10 'tank buster' at Bagram Air Base

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BAGRAM AIR BASE, Afghanistan (CNN) -- A U.S. Special Operations base in eastern Afghanistan came under attack by rockets and small arms fire, prompting the U.S. forces to respond, according to military spokesman Col. Roger King.

No U.S. forces were injured in Friday's attack.

The enemy forces launched six 107-mm rockets toward the base in Lwara -- southwest of Khowst -- but overshot their target. King said the nearest rocket landed 250 meters from the installation.

The U.S. forces responded with mortars, small arms fire and close air support. Two Air Force A-10 "tank busters" attacked a ridgeline east of the installation, where the attackers were believed to be located.

The A-10s dropped four bombs and fired 500 rounds of cannon fire. The battle lasted for nearly two hours, King said.

Patrols are scanning the area trying to determine the extent of causalities on the enemy side, King said.

U.S. military posts have been targets for suspected Taliban and al Qaeda remnants in Afghanistan.

Rocket attacks on U.S. bases have been almost a daily ritual in eastern and southern Afghanistan, but Friday's differed in that it involved attackers who stayed around to fight.

Past rocket attacks have usually involved the use of timing devices to fire the missiles long after the attackers had left the scene.

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