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Wall Street Journal: 'We are heartbroken'

(CNN) -- The statement of Peter Kann, publisher of The Wall Street Journal, and Paul Steiger, the newspaper's managing editor, on the death of kidnapped Journal reporter Daniel Pearl:

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"We now believe, based on reports from the U.S. State Department and police officials of the Pakistani province of Sind, that Danny Pearl was killed by his captors.

"We are heartbroken at his death. Danny was an outstanding colleague, a great reporter, and a dear friend of many at the Journal.

"His murder is an act of barbarism that makes a mockery of everything Danny's kidnappers claimed to believe in. They claimed to be Pakistani nationalists, but their actions must surely bring shame to all true Pakistani patriots.

"We will, in coming months, find ways, public and private, to celebrate the great work and good works Danny did. But today is a day to grieve. This loss is, of course, most painful for Danny's family, in this country and elsewhere. We ask our colleagues in the press to respect their privacy, and to permit them to grieve undisturbed.

"The Wall Street Journal is a public institution, but the Pearls are private citizens. We hope also that our colleagues, too, will be permitted some time and space to begin the very difficult process of making peace with this profound loss."




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