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German gunman dead after rampage

MUNICH, Germany A gunman who killed three people in a rampage near Munich has been found dead, police say.

Several hours after the first shooting, police said they were "99 percent sure" that a body found at a school was the gunman they had been seeking.

They said he had injuries from a gun and a pipe bomb when they found him.

The man had opened fire about 8 a.m. (0700 GMT) at a home furnishings company in the town of Eching, 25 miles north of Munich, killing his former boss and a foreman.

One man died immediately and the other soon after.

The company had fired the man, believed to be aged about 20, "in the last few weeks," Bavarian police spokeswoman Helga Gensberger told Associated Press.

The man, wearing combat gear, then took a taxi 12 miles to Freising, a suburb on the edge of Munich, where he walked into a high school.

"He looked for one particular teacher but when he couldn't find him he shot the head of the school instead," said Michael Schmidt, head of the police operation.

He shot another teacher in the face. Police said his injuries were serious but not life-threatening.

The man set off two homemade bombs in the college before committing suicide.

More than 300 police, including special forces in black face masks, were involved in sealing off and searching the school while police helicopters hovered overhead. Sharpshooters also surrounded the school.

The college's students, aged between 12 and 18, were evacuated, many in armoured vehicles.




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