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The Queen Mother: Your thoughts and tributes

(CNN) -- We have received thousands of e-mails from all over the world about the Queen Mother. Here is a selection of your tributes, thoughts and memories. We will not be posting any more but thank you for all your contributions.

Read more of your comments.

The Queen Mum -- a link, forged too strong to be broken, in memories of smiles, waves, quiet speeches, strength, support and love. You will be missed. Marvella Smith, Canada

Queen Mother


A grand lady. Some of her grandchildren would do well to spend less time eulogizing her and more time emulating her. Ray Bannon, USA

She inspired me with hope for the treasured institution of family life. I will miss her and make sure that our son Ferdinand - aged 9 years - knows about her. Emily Brown, Namibia

It was Her Royal Highness who refused to acknowledge the complete downfall of the British Empire for all of her life and it was her who wasted taxpayers' funds to the very last days of her reign. Reinhard R. Kiefer, Germany

Well Mr. Kiefer, no-one is asking you to spend a pfennig or a euro-cent on H.M. This British taxpayer would have quite happily have "wasted" his money if we could have had her around for a few more years. Michael W.M. Orr, Great Britain

We do not need to be lectured to by a German about the role of our monarchy or the Royal Family. Martin Leggett, England

Herr Kiefer's comments are neither polite or considerate during a time of national mourning. Tristan Lovering, UK

As a 33-year-old Jamaican, my era had very little to do with the Queen's mom. However I can't help but admire and adore this beloved woman who showed integrity and courage when it matters most. Orville Binns, Jamaica

National pride, or respect for the monarchy, aren't fashionable in the UK, but the past week has made me very proud of our traditions and has made me - and others - realise just how important the Royal Family is to our national identity. Jon, UK

I'm afraid her death, and the eventual death of the current Queen, will mean the complete collapse of the monarchy as there will be no one left with the grace and dignity to hold the family together. Sherry Wheeler, USA

She was passionate about children and cared about the common people, and this is why she was adored greatly. She will be missed. Robert Shaw, UK

The idea that the Queen Mum was a "commoner" is a joke. She lived a life of pampered luxury at the taxpayers' expense. As a Brit living in the US, I am saddened to see England living in the past as it wastes so much time and resources mourning the death of one person. John Bennet, USA

Never before have we seen such a stately individual leave this world with such grace and prestige as they had entered it. David K. Barnhart, USA

Goodbye Queen Mum. I never know you personally but I feel I close with you. Lisda Setiawan, The Netherlands

The Queen Mum was the brightest jewel of the British Royal Family. She embodied decency, courage, grace and compassion to a world wanting of such in modern public figures. Anthony John Serquina Rulloda, Philippines

You have always stood tall in the face of evil and danger as a symbol of hope and good to the world. Watch over us all. Josh Spencer, USA

I saw her in person in 1992 at the opening of the Highland Games at Balmoral, a week after attending my mother's burial in our family plot in Glasgow. The Queen Mother alighted from her car in her regal way, and in her wonderfully gracious manner, she paused, looked around the grandstands, and with her famous smile beaming out to connect to every individual present, she raised her hand and waved a special greeting that touched each and every one of us. I was only a few feet away, and the magnetism was palpable. Shireena Kennedy Saunders, USA

I am disappointed that the (U.S.) President himself did not attend the funeral. Out of respect it would have been the right thing to do. Edith Meyers, USA

Even if you didn't like any of the Royals, everybody loved Queen Mum. Sue Wilson, Canada

To the poor, ignorant soul who said HM "was on the public dole." Has he never heard of "public service"? Sarah V. Otto, USA

Most people didn't have the option to either leave or be 'courageous' and stay in war torn Europe. NS, UK

Her demise marks the end of an era when the Royal family was shrouded in an aura of awe and adoration. Sadly, with so much Royal dirty linen being aired nowadays, the golden era is somewhat tarnished. She will be sorely missed by all. Temidayo Olaofe, Nigeria

The Queen Mother was the one who held the family together. I am only 23, but I can't remember seeing her without a smile in her face. Margit, Austria

I'm afraid the "negative" comments some people make about the Queen Mother says more about them than about the Queen Mother. Each day the British newspapers have been full of stories about her which testify time and again how she "put back" far more than she ever received. Christopher Davies, Netherlands

How many people could live in public view for that period of time and behave in such a manner? As a young left-winger I should be opposed to the monarchy, but I find it hard to bring myself to oppose them. Chris, UK

I cried, I hadn't thought I would, she was so very long with us. I am 60, so I remember a lot. Mum means such a lot in English doesn't it? Always a Queen during my life, and Mum in all senses. Gill Scott Gribler, Spain

She embodied what is best about royalty. With her goes an era we shall not see again. Margaret Waid, USA




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