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The Queen Mother: Your thoughts and tributes

(CNN) -- We have received thousands of e-mails from all over the world about the Queen Mother. Here is a selection of your tributes, thoughts and memories. We will keep refreshing this page during the next few days.

Please note, we cannot publish all your e-mails and reserve the right to edit comments. Click here to have your say.

The Queen Mum was the sweetest grandmom of Britain, the most loved royal. Renu Bharat, UAE

Queen Mother


This lady was a kind and lovely mother. The world has lost a great citizen. Lucia, Ghana

Millions of wonderful women die each year who haven't had one-one hundredth the blessing she has received. No queen is more important in the eyes of God than anyone else. Lawrence Brown

I'll miss her infectious smile and those outrageous hats. Robert Clark, Canada

When she died it was a sad news but now her death story has become a source of mass entertainment. Jide Yusuf, Nigeria

As a young "loon" in Scotland, I well remember the Royal Train passing our home near Aberdeen with the Royal Family on board waving to those along the tracks. Always the Queen mother was in the forefront, as a Scot should always be. Graeme Webster, USA

This Lady demonstrated what I perceive as the "true" reflection of love and duty to country. The world has lost a great citizen. John Eschenbaum, USA

It's heartwarming & reassuring to see Britons both young and old lining up for hours at a time to pay The Queen Mother the respect she's so deservedly earned throughout her 101 years. Tracey, Australia

My mother met her in Scrabster coming off the royal yacht and she managed to make Mum feel she was the most important woman in the world, by just smiling and speaking simple words to her while she was just standing there. Jane Clark, Norway

Of course the Queen Mother was on the "public dole" -- but so are all heads of state and politicians, and heaven knows she showed a lot more grit, class, dignity and national purpose than most of them. Em, USA

I watched the funeral procession with many tears and was most moved by the Queen's note on the wreath which showed that she's just like one of us at heart. Jane Klapper, Israel

In an era where tradition and dedication are all too rarely exemplified, it is inspiring to witness the respect and dignity with which not only has the Queen "Mum" led her life, but that her life is being celebrated. Diane M. Ellison, Canada

I remember the Queen Mother as always smiling. Even when things got bad for the Royal Family she always pulled the family together. Rhonda Townes, Canada

I read the pro and anti royal comments -- each entitled to their own view. I feel that in these times of a royal passing the United Kingdom does really unite, more than any other country in the world. I believe the Royal Family gives us more than a "tax burden". It gives us compassion, direction, unity in times of crisis, a real feeling that human emotion is more important than the public money they are paid to carry out their duty. Nigel, Wales

I saw the Queen Mother at Niagara Falls at a young age. I was very honored and touched and I agree with so many e-mails. She was a grand person and did so much for so many countries. Delores Walton, Canada

It pains me so much to see and read our own people from the UK slate a lady who stood for everything that is "GREAT" in Great Britain. I am among many millions of citizens from every walk of life who will miss her infectious smile and that warm never say die attitude. Billy J. Cottrell UK

It is sad that some of the e-mail contributors to this tribute page, mainly from the UK itself, in their envy fail to see beyond the riches and comforts of the royals and are blind to see what a service they provide, stability of the nation and in the case of the Queen, a non-political head of state. Jay, Taiwan

I was a child of 7 or 8 years old when Her Majesty and King George visited the East End of London after the blitz. I will never forget how sweet and gracious she was. Their visit uplifted us, at a time when we were in such despair. Ann D. Hurst (nee Wilder), USA

I share her love of gin and having the odd flutter -- both solid British passions -- and I shall raise a glass to her today. Sarah Palmer, England

From as far as Singapore, the Queen Mother is well respected for her dignity, character and for being close to Her people despite her being in the Royal class. Eileen Lim, Singapore

My fondest memory will be the Queen Mother's smile. To me this is her biggest trademark. Coreen Delice, Barbados

It is a shame that the younger generation holds such anger towards a woman that did so much for her country and the world. She showed Hitler that the bombs may come but the spirit will not die. Mary, USA

To Mary from USA, how can you say that the younger generation holds anger towards the Queen Mum? I am 16, from England, and everybody I know is saddened by her death because she touched us all. Danny Smith, England

As a young Briton I cannot understand those who do not appreciate what the Queen Mum achieved and stood for. Her dignity, loyalty, unending service and love for this country and The Commonwealth should be a lesson to us all in these selfish times. It is all too easy to be critical of those who will never answer back in words and let their actions speak for themselves. Stuart, UK

I use to marvel at her in her advancing years still wearing her three inch heels! I have lovely books about her and shall treasure the memories. Sue Slivka, USA

I always thought she seemed to be the grandmother we all wished we had. Jenny Carey, Australia

As I understand, the Queen Mother was a symbol of courage and stability during the World War, and a role model for all who suffered during that time. However, in modern times I cannot understand how the public can hold so much regard for someone living a life of luxury on public funding. Caroline, UK

It is hard for the young generation to understand the adoration of the Queen Mother. They haven't lived through a World War and the Depression. During these devastating times the visibility of the monarchy provided a comfort and calmness to the citizens of the British Commonwealth and the world, and the Queen Mother continued to be visible and smiling throughout her life. Diane Lindsey, New Zealand

I am Canadian born of English descent and am an unabashed royalist. Those who would detract from this great lady do not deserve space on any comments page. Douglas F. Roberts, Canada

I saw the Royal Family at Sandringham 50 years ago and will always remember how my heart melted when the Queen Mother smiled and waved to me. Mary Gray, USA

I will never forget meeting you when I was 17 years old. You were about to ask me about the school medals on my blazer, but you saw the awe and fear in my face and so you just smiled. Thank you for bringing so much life and love into my heart. Anne Barry, USA

The death of the Queen Mother is the passing of an era for me. I was born in England and came to Canada and the USA in 1956 and 1964 respectively. I will always remember the way the Queen Mother conducted herself during the bombing of London during the Blitz. She and her husband were a wonderful example for us all to have the courage to go on living during the long, dark days of the war. Janet Hoffritz, USA

She contributed to my Scottish pride! Today, the lament of Scottish bagpipes make me weep for a woman who symbolized courage and beauty, and - yes - Bonnie Scotland! Ellen Wierzewski, USA

Your kindness brought people in great despair hope, hope to conquer when strength failed. Nana Akua Kobi, Ghana

How ironic that the passing of a true "lady" comes at a time when headlines in the US are screaming about the increased growth of rudeness in this country. Compare the antics of America's so-called "royalty" in Hollywood with the shining light of true dignity embodied in one lovely icon. GF, USA

I can understand some of the younger generation saying "What's all the fuss about." After all, the Queen Mum lived to a grand old age. However the British people, on the whole, love their royalty. Of course, it's purely myth, but it's something to look up to. Peter Shotton, Philippines

It's nothing to do with wealth or fame that makes people sad at her death, it's about the way she treated people and her sense of duty and decency, something many world leaders today would do well to try to emulate. Angela Smith, USA

The Queen Mum is the perfect epitome of a liberated woman of the 20th century; resolute, focus, loving, compassionate, intelligent and supportive not only for her man but to country and family. Chapman Kun, Canada

I'm 21 and live in the UK. To be honest the Queen Mother's death does not affect me at all. I cannot understand people, of mostly the older generation, who fawn over the Queen Mother. I have absolutely nothing against her. But saying that, I do not admire her. After all, what would I give to give up my dull bank job which pays £10,000 a year and to take up a life of gin drinking, horse-betting and maybe having my photograph taken for charity. Nick, UK

The Queen Mother was the first recollection of my young life. My parents took me to Ottawa to visit her in 1939. I was three and sat on top of my father's shoulders to see her. She came and smiled at me and touched my head. Geraldine Scott, Canada

I'm a Chinese girl living in USA. Though our eastern culture is very different from the western one for which Queen Mother is a perfect example, dignity, determination for freedom and pursuit for truth are the common senses people all over the world admire. Xing, China

She was for me the binding force of the British royalty, and the true meaning of what it is to be called a "Queen". I will definitely miss reading about her. Lani Prudente, Philippines

I was visiting Windsor with friends and family on March 30, only to find out later that day the Queen Mother died while we were there. My friend and I had actually stood at the former King's grave and discussed whether she would be buried with him. The feeling of London the next day at St. Paul's and outside Buckingham Palace was sad, but warm, and it was very obvious she was special and truly loved by "her people." Cindy, USA

I can not understand how anyone can have any respect for those on the public dole. Perry Wynn, USA

She struck a rare balance between being the epitome of royalty, and a heartwarming person. Gopinath Venugopal, India

There are people in Russia whose hearts are crying today too, she was a marvelous lady to be always remembered and cherished. Lana Zamanskaya, Russia

I was born and raised in London and saw the Queen Mom as a wonderful example of British bravery during WW2. I've been an American since 1948 but still admire they way she conducted herself during the bad times we had in London. Chris Kelley, USA

To the Queen Mum, Somehow you remind me of my grandmother, although she did not have your wealth. However, she did, as you, make people in her company feel good. Living as long as you have, I wonder about all the glorious memories you must have cherished - personal and public. Cathy Rice, Canada

I will never forget seeing her in person first as a 15-year-old school boy in Winnipeg, Manitoba, during the royal visit to Canada and then the US in 1939. She impressed me then and ever since with her grace and genuine affection for all around her. John E. Cantelon, USA

In the dry spring of 2001, I spent about 2 months working in Winchester. During the last 10 days, my wife, sister-in-law, and 10-year-old niece came to visit, all for their first visit to England. We took a weekend trip to London to see the Trooping of the Colours ceremony. For the first time in months came a terrible, torrential downpour. The guards were soaked. The bearskin hats were waterlogged. The bands marched in the deep puddles. My niece was worried she would not get to see the Queen or the Queen Mother. Despite the heavy rain, out came the Queen Mother demonstrating the true meaning of British determination. Dan Becker, USA

This marvellous person was just one reason why I'm a Royalist. I never met Her Majesty but I feel as if I have lost a friend. David Thompson, South Africa

My grandmother loved the Queen Mother very much. She lived to be 100 herself and died last July. I can truly feel your pain. Connie Woodward, USA

I'm British and reading these tributes, I realise that this lovely and inspiring lady wasn't just ours, she clearly belonged to everybody. Heather Theodore, England

I lost my grandmother last year at 101 years old. I too, like Prince Charles, will never forget the sense of duty, sense of honor. Janet Matthews, USA

I felt like my grandmother died all over again! They were both very much alike. Penny Wannamaker, Canada

I was fortunate enough to get a glimpse of the Queen Mother four years ago when I was in London with my sister. She greeted the crowd outside of Clarence House and her pleasant smile was contagious to people she met in the crowd. David Dee, USA

Other people die and if they'e not rich they're not on the news. Doug, USA

The "Queen Mum" was the last of her breed, and one must hope her death does not foreshadow the death of the monarchy. Her absence will demand that remaining royals rise to take a more responsible, caring and thoughtful role in public life. This includes the Queen who has been far too distant during her reign. Grant Devereaux, England

A lady of grace with a flair for beautiful hats worn in the best of taste. Donese Bentley, USA

My family traveled to Scotland in 1981 right after the wedding of Diana and Charles. We traveled to our ancestor's home castle, Castle of May, and were invited to tea as the Queen Mum was residing there. We arrived and had tea with Princess Diana's Grandmother (Queen Mum's Lady in waiting), when the Queen Mum entered. She was the most wonderful, easy going Grandmother. Charles Bouschor II, USA

As a British person reading these tributes my heart has been truly lifted. It is so wonderful to know that she was loved as much overseas as she was here in the United Kingdom. Someone once told her that they didn't like the English people much, to which she replied "No fear, I'm Scottish." Being a fellow Scot, I can sympathise with that. Michael Clarke, Scotland

I have had the great honour to have met the Queen Mother as Drum Major of the Toronto Scottish Regiment. On one occasion, when her Majesty was visiting the regiment, she stopped to speak to my mother who was visiting from Scotland. I told her Majesty that I had been telling people that I had "two mums" in Toronto this week. Her reply was "It's nice to have two." Drum Major Norman MacKenzie, Canada

In 1962 when I was two years old and my parents took me to see the Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace the Queen Mother waved at me and admired my ginger colored hair! Timothy J Harrington, USA

I've always admired the Queen Mum. She has been on our national dollar for years. She was one of my role models for her confidence and the way she carried herself. Sha'Rona Etienne, Bahamas

She once gave me a look straight into my eyes. Now my second mum is gone. May she rest in peace. Carlos Montes, Mexico

I once heard it said, "I'd love to wrap her up in cotton wool and take her home." I think we all felt that way. Martin Jackson, Australia

If there were more people like the Queen Mother we would have little or no problems in the world. Patricia Herigstad, USA.

You were indeed a Great woman. God bless you. We will never forget you, dear mum. Victor Rusu, Moldova

At the age of 9 in 1967 I had the honor of singing a solo for the Queen Mother in honor of our centennial birthday here in Canada. After the performance, I presented flowers to her. She stopped and chatted with me for about 10 minutes. She reminded me of a grandmother figure and and to this day I have warm thoughts about our conversation and how it changed my course in life. She gently told me that my world was unlimited and dreams were reachable and that one should never give up on those dreams. Phyllis, Canada

Many Americans will miss her because of her common-sense approach to life and her irresistible charm. Indeed, the world has lost its favourite Grandmother. Richard Colvin, USA

She was humble, noble and elegant. She served a lot for her nation. May she rest in peace. Kemalettin Koc, Turkey

The queen mother was a great symbol of human dignity. She was an adorable lady whose love for life and enthusiasm was an example for us, the young generation, to follow. I'll miss her grand motherly smile. Robbie, Italy

To a wonderful and down to earth lady who inspired many and really was part of the people and the Commonwealth. God Bless you Ma'am and Rest in Peace. Gordon Juleff, USA

I am terribly sorry to hear about her majesty's death and hope God will give comfort to all British people and the royal family. Peyman Bashiri, Iran

I heard the story over the radio. May her gentle soul rest in peace. Emeka Chukwu, Nigeria

The death of the Queen Mum leaves a great void in history. She was indeed a grand old lady whose life, which spanned a century, was lived to its fullest. She stood for everything good and displayed values that need to be followed. Leonard Lobo, Canada

She knew how to be a real QUEEN in times of pain, in times of despair. The last member of a respectful monarchy died. Victoria, Chile

We'll always remember the Queen Mum as an extraordinary woman who seemed to enjoy her life as much as possible, no matter what. An Bollansée, Belgium

The Queen Mother will be missed. She was always there, a constant throughout the turbulent 20th century. I had secretly hoped she'd never die. S. Collins, USA

Australians will always remember that when Britain was bombed in World War II you stayed with your King and your people. Your support will always be remembered by all. Louise O'Brien, Australia

May her soul rest in perfect peace. I remain to think of her forever and ever. Augustine Bockarie Trye, Sierra Leone

My deepest condolences to HM The Queen and her family on their loss. May God bless the soul of the Queen Mother. Loo Choo Hong, Malaysia

She was a great personality of the 20th century. My deepest sympathies from Romania to all the British. Razvan Theodor Vizireanu, Romania

As Hitler once said "she is the most dangerous woman alive." I can say this, she did live a long good life and I hope to have a life like hers ( I am 22 years old). She and her family will be kept in my prayers. Rachel, USA

I saw her last holiday and did really like her. It was a honour to see her car. Something you can't replace has died. Martin, Poland

The world has lost one of the few remaining secure figures of public life. I doubt the future heirs will have the inborn natural leadership she had. Paris Lutge, Italy

I've always wondered what her secret to longevity was. She was one of those grand mothers you felt like giving a hug. I'm really going to miss her. Patrick A. Fagan, USA

Queen Mother Elizabeth was one of the most gracious ladies of the 20th century. She had the knack (even on television) that she was talking to you and only you alone. Judith Clark, USA

Parliament is there to DO things for the people, but the monarchy is there to BE things. Their role is to set an example of the best qualities of the British culture and of the whole human race. That is exactly what the Queen Mother did. Robert Daniel, Canada

God knows what is best for us and does what is right at the right time. Keep trusting in God. Joseph Sarkodie, Ghana

Her smile would make me smile. If everyone in the royal household tried their best to be the kind of person the Queen Mother was, the monarchy would have no worries. Paula Doss, Roanoke, USA

She stayed in London through the blitz. Maybe that is from where cigar-chomping Sir "V" Winston gathered much of the strength needed to defiantly oppose that "vermin" Adolph -- from the exemplary Queen herself. Nick Leonard, USA

We shared a birthday. I was born on Queen Mum's 22nd birthday. She was a great lady. I shall not forget her. Ms Clovis Whitehead, Cuero, USA

She will be a welcome addition to Heaven. Frank Kaiser, Venezuela

I remember my dad saying how sweetly she smiles when he was guarding the route in new Westminster B.C. She waved and smiled at him . Great Queen. Jim Condon, Canada

The Queen Mother symbolised unity, strength and wisdom all over the world and she will be greatly missed. Felipe Souza, Mexico

Stony Creek Elementary School mourns the loss of Her Majesty Queen Mother. The children and staff recognize her as a kind and loving woman, who set the example of how people should treat each other. Stony Creek School, USA

She will always be an important part of the 20th Century's history and an icon for many in need of inspiration. Pablo more, Uruguay

May her spirit govern everyone who loved her in this world, for I'm sure she had been a great inspiration of love, compassion, and sympathy to us all. Judy Yammine, Lebanon

A great loss not only for the royal family. She was a symbol of hope. Akhtar Omar, Malawi




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