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Analysts weigh in on caucus results

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(CNN) -- CNN journalists and analysts discussed the results of Democratic caucuses in Michigan and Washington state. Here is their analysis of what the wins for Sen. John Kerry in both states will mean for the field of Democratic hopefuls.

Robert Novak, nationally syndicated columnist

Robert Novak
Robert Novak

"This is over. Kerry is going to be the nominee ... [former Vermont Gov. Howard] Dean turned out to be a terrible candidate."

"The [budget] deficit is a statistic that is trying to be used, I think, disingenuously by Democrats who didn't worry about it for the last half-century."

Margaret Carlson, Time magazine

Margaret Carlson
Margaret Carlson

"Dean was going to go to Washington, he was going to go to Michigan, now he's only going to go to Wisconsin, but he might not even go there if he sees that he's losing. He's got to find a way to get out gracefully."

"Bush literally promised the moon and tax cuts, and everyone knows that's ridiculous."

Al Hunt, The Wall Street Journal

Al Hunt
Al Hunt

"The vast majority of democratic voters all over the country have concluded that Howard Dean, great protest candidate in 2003, energized a lot of newcomers to the party, but he is not the man to take on George W. Bush."

"It is important for Kerry to win at least one of those two southern primaries, Tennessee and Virginia, next Tuesday."

Jeff Greenfield, CNN senior analyst

Jeff Greenfield
Jeff Greenfield

"It is almost a perfect storm where people trying to stop John Kerry, even if they had the wherewithall, even if they had some argument, are going to find the field too crowded for them, unless something happens Tuesday.

"It's very hard to see how there's another scenario other than John Kerry emerging from this."

Judy Woodruff, anchor of CNN's "Inside Politics"

"[Kerry] deserves extra credit for Michigan, because of his position on a number of issues that are really important to the auto industry, which is the heart and soul of much of Michigan labor.

Labor is now taking a look at him, and people who are sympathetic to labor were able to overlook that and go with John Kerry today."

Carlos Watson, CNN political analyst

"What I think is interesting in terms of the vice presidential conversation is that it's really beginning in earnest. John Edwards, a lot of people are saying part of the reason he's holding his fire in Tennessee and Virginia, not being a negative campaigner, is because he ultimately would like to be on the ticket."

Kate O'Beirne, The National Review

Kate O'Beirne
Kate O'Beirne

"Dean did more than just energize ... He so spooked the rest of the field that he Dean-ified the field.

"They're now all as antiwar and anti-Bush as Howard Dean was. Which is why I think it doesn't come down to issues to divide these candidates. It does come down to electability."

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